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A professional know how to sell a benefit or how to convert a feature into a benefit. First, the potential customer buys the you can sell, then the product and company. Most people confuse dreams with goals.


They have dreams and they think they have goals. Goals are dreams with a deadline, a clear direction and a plan of action.

Goals out-of-reach are motivating you can sell goals out-of-sight are demotivating. Productivity depends on the effective use of time. People, who waste valuable minutes, eventually lose hours and you can sell not realizing the loss till it is too late.

Unlike a bank account, you cannot carry forward a time balance in your life. Life management is nothing more than managing priorities in life.

39 Best Quotes of “You Can Sell” by Shiv Khera

If you waste time, time will waste you. An organized schedule has a pay-off.

An unorganized schedule you have to pay for. Nothing magical is going to happen at the you can sell moment unless consistent effort has been made in advance. Winners wait for their destination and losers wait for their destiny.

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Unethical people bring discredit to everything and everyone associated with them, regardless of you can sell profession. Good sales professionals sell products and services, they sell their professional time but not their conscience.

Tactics are manipulative whereas principles Who is not selling? Tactics are manipulative whereas principles are based on the foundation of values.

Reading Shiv Khera' s 'You can Win' around 10 years ago in the hostel dormitory, i laughed my guts out. I thought it was a book you can sell not written for the people of earth, it was so away from the reality. I remember arguing then with a fellow nerdy student how the author sees the world from a rose tainted canvas which very few can relate to and a world which only some of us can think of inhabiting.

In short, even though it was a ridiculously successful book the self-help book you can sell worked for me. Now, years later after reading his latest venture, i can't help laughing again. This time, out of sheer boredom.

You Can Sell

Published first in by Rupa Publications and short-listed for Vodaphone Crossword Non-fiction Awardthe book has been repackaged and released again by Westland. You can sell book has more of exercises and tests after each chapter that the previous version, which i conveniently skipped. They add to the length of the book and quite unoriginal to put it politely.