What are Web Services - Learn Web Services in simple and easy steps starting books and different organizations provide different definitions to Web Services. The definition of Web Service defined and explained in simple language. A Web service is a software service used to communicate between two devices on a network. More specifically, a Web service is a software application with a standardized way of providing interoperability between disparate applications. It does so over HTTP using technologies such as XML, SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI.


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An actor can take on or implement one or more roles. An actor at one level of abstraction may be viewed as a role at a lower level of abstraction.

Web Service Definition

This definition is a specialization of the definition in [Web Arch]. It corresponds to the notion of software agent in [Web Arch]. This structure includes software components, the externally visible properties of those components, the relationships among them and the web services definition on their use.

A system may be composed of many levels of abstraction and many phases of operation, each with its own software architecture.

Criticism[ web services definition ] Critics of non-RESTful web services often complain that they are too complex [8] and based upon large software vendors or integrators, rather than typical open source implementations.

Regression testing is performed by identifying the changes made to upgrade a software.

Web service regression testing needs can be categorized in three different ways, namely, changes in WSDL, changes in code, and selective re-testing of operations. Web service change management[ edit ] Work related to the capture and visualization of changes made to web services definition Web service.

This is another example of generic names coined for specific technologies see naming fiascos.


Services previously possible only with the older standardized service known web services definition Electronic Data Interchange EDI increasingly are likely to become Web services.

Next Page Different books and different organizations provide different definitions to Web Services. Some of them are listed here. Use SOAP when you want server to server communication. This difference makes JSON a preferred data format for many mobile application developers.

Temperature Conversion Web services definition that the web application BeachTracker provides beach conditions in California, displaying the daily air and water temperatures, surf conditions, number of hungry sharks spotted that week, and other details. Temperature in California is generally measured in Fahrenheit.

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