This article provides a beginner's tutorial of the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). saravanakumar's WCF Tutorial. An elaborate tutorial about the Windows Communication Foundation with hundreds of samples. Working through this tutorial gives you an introductory understanding of the steps required to create WCF service and client applications.


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A Beginner's Tutorial for Understanding Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

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  • Introduction to WCF
  • Getting Started Tutorial

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For more information about wcf tutorial to do this, see How to: The service is configured in code; however, services can also be configured within a configuration file. Just save now and exit. Refresh the wcf tutorial now it will gives you something instead of error.


Actually I have forgotten one setting no problem we will do that now Again edit web. We have our Contract part declared and defined. Now let us see how wcf tutorial can configure the other things.

Getting Started Tutorial1 | Microsoft Docs

We need to make this service visible to the client applications wcf tutorial let the client applications extract the meta data information out of this service. To do this we need to specify the service behavior in the wcf tutorial.

Now let us build this website to build our WCF service. Let us set the.

A Beginner's Tutorial For Understanding WCF

SVC file as the start page and run the website to see what happens. Let us now see how we can consume a WCF service. Wcf tutorial us start by adding a default ASP. NET website in the same solution. We then need to add a service reference to the WCF service we wcf tutorial created.

A Beginner's Tutorial for Understanding Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) - CodeProject

Adding this service reference will mainly do two things: This channel processes a message by reading and writing wcf tutorial headers to the message. Activation and Hosting Layer 4: A service can either be self-hosted or hosted in the context of another application.

Let us briefly learn about them. This hosting is very flexible and easy to use, but suitable only during development phases of a distributed application. When a service is hosted wcf tutorial IIS, it acquires the benefits of IIS such as process lifetime management and automatic update after configuration changes.

We can host a Wcf tutorial service as a Windows service on a client's computer and is automatically stopped when the computer shuts down.