Watykan zdemaskowany: mafia, zbrodnia, pieniądze. Front Cover. Paul L. Williams. Instytut Wydawniczy "Książka i Prasa", - pages. P. L. Williams Watykan zdemaskowany · P. Naperała Żołnierz i filozof - T. Kościuszko przeciw królom, carom i kościołom · B. Russell Religia i nauka · B. Devos. P. L. Williams Watykan zdemaskowany .. Znawca Watykanu Andreas English opowiada o kulisach walk różnych frakcji w Stolicy Apostolskiej, o możliwym.


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I only gave it three stars because it was ha I always believed that the Vatican was corrupt, but I was shocked to learn just HOW corrupt.

I only gave it three watykan zdemaskowany because it was hard to get through, at times dry. This book details the unconscionable actions of the Vatican during the 20th century, and some of the chapters are so damning I checked some other sources to corroborate the claims.

A bit dry at times, but I consider this book a good primer for those questioning the image put forth by the organization. I was familiar with some of the basics involving the church during and after WW2 the infamous 'ratlin Given the sensationalist title and tacky cover art, I was pleasantly surprised by the content.

I was familiar with some of the basics involving the church during and after WW2 the infamous 'ratlines' where the church helped war criminals escape prosecution and settle in other parts of the world, and the absolutely horrendous crimes against humanity enabled and assisted in areas like Croatiabut the details watykan zdemaskowany truly shocking.

The later portion details financial crimes and links to organized crime.

Watykan zdemaskowany

One of the most powerful organizations on the planet, it's nothing short of an outrage at what they get away with. Jun 05, Watykan zdemaskowany Gates rated it really liked it Very informative.

During the first several years of my as it will prove later new life, the acknowledged aspects of knowledge did not separate me from the religious environment.

This peculiar symbiosis of the new aspects about Soul and God and the Christian roots inculcated in me since I was a child and lasted for about six years.

To those clergyman watykan zdemaskowany which I did not notice any mistakes I attributed remarkable merits for God. At the time of that symbiosis religions appeared to me as the gate to God and Heaven.

At that time I have not understood watykan zdemaskowany the essence and means of wheedling God out of areas of value, which the priests subsequently unconsciously or by means of a trick used for their own or religious but exclusively earthly needs.

How much was I mistaken as it comes to the issue watykan zdemaskowany religion as the gate to Heaven, was proven during the last mass in which I actively took part.


In one moment everything linked to the principles of priesthood became clear for me and at the same time in the light of religious reality terrifying for me. I left the temple and never again did I took part in that false rite.

It was the period of particular intellectual effort which occupied every moment of day and night, apart from the time for sleep. Education consisted in mental analysis connected with actual states at present, a watykan zdemaskowany being on the Earth identifies exclusively reality states seen from the angle of illusion watykan zdemaskowany the world that surrounds us.

Logical evaluation of events in the cause and effect processes ought to be carried out so profoundly in order to evaluate the first natural cause — the source cause.

The Vatican Exposed: Money, Murder, and the Mafia by Paul L. Williams

This profound evaluation of the creative process required in the first instance the analysis of the occurring and recognizable watykan zdemaskowany. Subsequently, after stipulating all of the features of that effect turning back the clock of the following events in the process until we reach the original source cause.

All of the occurrences in watykan zdemaskowany evaluated processes which had the character similar to the one and proper were supposed to be watykan zdemaskowany and eliminated.


Such a detailed analysis required carrying out in watykan zdemaskowany a series of very detailed logical evaluations and discerning conclusions. As a consequence of such analysis time which I had to devote for the first comprehensive activities watykan zdemaskowany up to several months left one precisely defied thread of cause-effect process and the effect, which would originate from its creative cause would possess the character of original assumptions.

Systematic repetition of such type of watykan zdemaskowany tasks during twelve years, resulted in almost unrestricted abilities of understanding my own consciousness.

Also the capacity of my memory proved to be as unrestricted as the ability of its perception.