Velan is the world's leading manufacturer of steel gate, globe, check, ball, knife and butterfly valves, 8– mm (1⁄4–60”),. ASME Classes –, with Results 1 - 10 of 67 - 3/4" PVC Schedule 80 Ball Valve with threaded inlets. Category VELAN CHECK CONVENTIONAL PORT VALVE # BOLTED BONNET. Velan is a world leader in cast and forged steel gate valves, and Carotek is proud to have an extensive inventory of Velan valves. Contact Carotek today!


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Can be used velan ball valve manual throttling applications. For automation contact Velan Engineering. Manual velan ball valve with handle for " mm FP and " mm RP. A knife valve comprises a body defining a valve seat and a knife blade longitudinally movable by a cylindrical stem in the body for opening and closing a lateral flow passage defined therethrough.

Velan introduced a new cast metal-seated ball valve - Industrial Valve News

The body includes a bonnet with the stem extending therethrough and with circular packing rings being disposed therein around the stem. The valve seat is located on a first side of the velan ball valve and in operative proximity thereto. The stem includes a velan ball valve head portion which defines an angular surface, whereas a top portion of the blade defines a slot forming an angular surface parallel to the angular surface of the stem head.

The stem head is engageable in the slot with the angular surfaces thereof being in sliding contact.

All VELAN catalogues and technical brochures

Therefore, when the blade is in its closed position, a longitudinal force exerted by the stem on the blade is transferred into a lateral force oriented towards the seat, thereby forcing the blade against the seat in a tight bidirectional velan ball valve under a positive velan ball valve.

March 22, Assignee: Ball valve Patent number: A top open ball valve assembly which includes a pair of camming plates, one at the top and one at the bottom of the plug.

The camming plates are oval and in their minor axis are clear of the floating valve seats. There are lost motion slots to allow the velan ball valve to travel between an open and closed position without moving the camming plates.

In the event it is required to retract the valve seats, the plug is rotated more than Annular grooves are provided in the valve seat recess and in the valve seat whereby they are radially aligned when the valve seats are retracted, and an elongated coil spring can be inserted in the passage formed by the grooves to block the valve seats in their retracted position.

September 19, Assignee: Seal-seat for use in ball valves Patent number: In a ball-type valve having a valve body and an annular seat therein for accommodating the ball, the improvement comprising adapting the seat whereby when the valve is in its open or closed position, the ball compresses the seat to seal the same against the valve body and at the same time tensions the seat to seal thereagainst.

Also disclosed is a method velan ball valve forming a seal between the body of a ball valve and the ball velan ball valve, comprising the steps of providing a seat intermediate the body and the ball and moving the ball toward the body upon assembly of the valve whereby to compress a portion of the seat against the body and at the same time to tension a portion of the seat against the ball, thereby forming the seal between the body and the ball.

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The VTP Three-Piece Ball Valve adds to Velan's extensive range of high performance resilient and metal seated ball valves, helping to make Velan a market leader in quarter turn valve solutions.