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During this period, Tracy met famed cartoonist Chet Jade, creator of the comic strip Sawdust, in which the only characters are talking dots. One of the new characters, Mr. Intro, was only manifested as a disembodied voice.

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His goal was world domination in the vein of a James Tracy anne warren epub deutsch villain. Tracy eventually used an atomic laser beam to annihilate Intro and his island base. Junior married Moon Maid in October Their daughter Honey Moon Tracy had antennae and magnetic hands.

However, he ended up back on Earth when the Apollo 11 mission in showed that the moon was barren of all life. Many of the accoutrements of the space period stories remained for many years afterward, such as the Space Coupe and much of the high-tech gadgetry.

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Moon Maid receded from the storyline. The stories of this period took an increasingly condemnatory tone pertaining to contemporary court decisions concerning the rights of the accusedwhich often involved Tracy being frustrated by legal technicalities.


For example, having tracy anne warren epub deutsch a gang of diamond thieves red-handed, Tracy was forced to let them walk because he could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the diamonds were stolen. As he saw the thieves get off without penalty, Tracy was heard to grumble, "Yes, under today's interpretation of the laws, it seems it's the police who are handcuffed!

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Groovy's first appearance in print, as it happened, occurred during the same week as the Kent State shootings. Groovy remained with the strip, off and on until his death in Shortly before his retirement, Gould drew a strip in which Sam, Lizz, and Groovy held Tracy down to shave off his tracy anne warren epub deutsch.

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At this time, the standard publication size and space of newspaper comics was sharply reduced; for example, the Dick Tracy Sunday stripwhich had traditionally been tracy anne warren epub deutsch full-page episode containing 12 panels, was cut in size to a half-page format that offered, at most, eight panels—these new restrictions created challenges for all comic artists.

Plenty family[ edit ] The Plenty family was a group of goofy redneck yokels headed by the former villain Bob Oscar "B.


Gravel Gertie was introduced as the unwitting dupe accessory of the villain the Brow, who was on the run from Dick Tracy. The family provided a humorous counterpoint to Tracy's adventures.

The Plenty sub-story was decades long, and saw Sparkle Plenty grow from an infant to a young married lady, eventually becoming a beautiful fashion model.

Sparkle Plenty's May 30, birth became a significant mainstream media event, with spinoff merchandising and magazine coverage. In the April 24, strip, B.

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His face has yet to be shown. Crimestoppers' Textbook[ edit ] Beginning in the early s, the Sunday strip included a frame devoted to a page from the "Crimestoppers' Textbook", a series of handy illustrated hints for the amateur crime-fighter.

This was named after a short-lived youth group seen in the strip during the late s, led by Junior Tracy, called "Dick Tracy's Crimestoppers. After Gould's retirement, Collins initially replaced the Textbook with "Dick Tracy's Rogues Gallery," a salute to memorable Tracy villains of the past.