Step One*: Prepare the glass slide . You generally will want to cut a thin section on a plane perpendicular to any planar fabric, but for particular purposes you. Logitech delivers a wide range of versatile systems for trimming, lapping and polishing geological thin sections. ALS offers the manufacture of high quality thin sections routinely prepared from cuttings, core chips, sidewall cores or conventional core analysis plugs.


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Grind the glass slide to make its surface rough to fix the stone sample onto the slide. Fix the sample to the glass slide using KEPT epoxy resins then the thin section preparation can be placed in the Geofix to assist in bonding the sample to the glass slide under pressure.

Then place the sample to the right station of the Geoform, using the vacuum you can precisely grind your sample. Touch the stone with the micrometer and adjust the digital positioning of the micrometer to zero, then start grinding the stones surface with the grinding cup from approx.

You thin section preparation grind with 50 mic steps when the samples thickness is micron Set the Kemtech vacuum jig to the required final thickness and then mount thin section preparation uniformly ground samples to the vacuum jig face.

There is a change in sound when this point is reached.

Petrographic Thin Section Preparation

This means the slides have been lapped to the set thickness. Remove the slides from the jig and clean and inspect. The slides are now ready for polishing on the Kemtech III.


Clean the Vacuum jig in an ultrasonic cleaner to ensure all lapping slurry contamination has been removed and adjust the thin section preparation stop ring so that it is above the vacuum face plate.

Change the cast iron lapping plate to the aluminium lift off disc and mount a PSU-M thin section preparation pad. Charge the Aku-Disp slurry pump separate pump heads are available with Diamond suspension and programme the pump to dispense a 2 second supply of slurry every seconds.

Remove the samples and clean.

Rock Thin Sections (Petrographic Thin Section Preparation) - Kemet

The slides are now ready for analysis. After cutting operation 10x Limestone: Kemet Cutting Fluid Cut thin section preparation Wheel: Diamond Cutting Disc The sample is attached with universal specimen vices to the Geoform and the feed rate sould be set as rpm. After that the epoxy resin is mixed mixing ratio 2: After a short time you can observe air bubbles in the mounting mixture, air bubbles will normally disappear within 45 minutes.

Adjust the vacuum to mmHg mmHg thin section preparation the vacuum gauge. Hardening time is approximately 8 hours.

Rock Thin Sections (Petrographic Thin Section Preparation)

Grinding and Polishing Stage Steps thin section preparation When thinner, the cutting blade might shoot off. With the Geoform, you cut your samples, judging on eye sight, to 2 — 3 mm thick.

You can replace the cutting disc by removing the 2 pockets in the front and thin section preparation placing that part of the machine plate upwards. You should also note that you aim the water jet on the diamond edge of the disc.

A circulation system is always useful. You consume a lot of water.

  • Rock Thin Section Preparation of MgO-Cr Brick

You do not need refrigerant in this unit. No rust inhibitor either, you do not work with metals here. The counter of this must be at to