ENotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Menaechmi. Plautus used many themes in The Brothers Menaechmus, and even caught. Menaechmus of Syracuse is one of the twins and main characters of the story. As a child, he was separated from his brother, and dedicates several years to. Plautus' source for the Menaechmi (“The Twins Named Menaechmus”) is unknown. The play's clever plot, which hinges on the confusion caused by mistaken.


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Neither pair knows of the other's existence, but they're mistaken for each other in Epidamnus, where one pair lives.

The Brothers Menaechmus

Rather than fight it, we're going for large laughs and a carnival-like feel. In fact, it's a travelling circus troupe that presents Plautus's story.


He requests this lady to prepare a feast for himself and his Parasite, Peniculus, while they go to the market place to transact some business. When the menaechmus twins sees Menaechmus Sosicles, Erotium insists that he come in and eat the feast she has prepared.

When he leaves she gives him the mantle along with a gold bracelet and requests that he have them repaired.


Meanwhile, the wife of Menaechmus of Epidamnus discovers the loss of the mantle and makes such a scene that her husband the menaechmus twins to recover the mantle from Erotium. That lady believes that her patron is trying to put something over on her and retires into her house in a rage leaving Menaechmus dinnerless without.

About this time the wife spies the visiting Menaechmus with her mantle and starts berating him loudly. Featuring a cast of clueless twins, clever slaves, the menaechmus twins prostitutes, quack doctors, burly sailors, disgruntled wives, gourmet chefs, tottering fathers and even a hungry parasite, The menaechmus twins Brothers Menaechmus will leave its laughing audiences seeing double.

He flies into a rage when his wife and father-in-law add to his troubles by implying that he is quite mad. His anger convinces the doctor of his insanity, and he summons slaves to bind him and take him to an asylum.

The Menaechmi Summary -

Just then, Messenio appears, and, thinking the struggling husband his master, overpowers the slave. As a reward he asks for his own freedom.

The husband tells Messenio that he doesn't know him, but by all means to consider himself freed; then he begins to suspect he may really be a bit crazy the menaechmus twins Messenio tells him that he will return shortly to give him the money he has been safeguarding. Husband Menaechmus is not too addled, however, to profess his ownership the menaechmus twins the purse.

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The the menaechmus twins goes to Erotium's house in further search of the mantle. The Syracuse twin returns, in his quest of Messenio, at the moment when the servant hurries back with his purse.

His master upbraids him for having been gone so long, but the slave protests that he has just saved his owner from ruffians and has been set free. The master is pondering this new muddle when his twin appears the menaechmus twins Erotium's house.

The two brothers rub their eyes in bewilderment on seeing each other, but explanations quickly bring recognition. The happy master truly sets the slave free, and the brothers decide that the first The menaechmus twins shall go to live with his twin in Syracuse.


Messenio announces an auction in the morning of the husband's goods, everything to go to the menaechmus twins block—even the wife, if there be a buyer. A similar the menaechmus twins of influence was Carlo Goldoni 's play I due gemelli veneziani " The two Venetian twins " also adapted as The Venetian Twins in