Complete summary of Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffman's The Devil's Elixirs. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Devil's Elixirs. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. The Devil's Elixir has ratings and reviews. Malcolm said: Reading Raymond Khoury's The Devil's Elixir can be hazardous to your sleep cycle! You.


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The key the devil s elixirs fiction like this is to make the reader care enough about the characters and the story line to ignore the most far fetched parts of the plot. The DaVinci Code for example, had portions of the story line that were completely ludicrous in the light of day.

The Devil's Elixirs - Wikipedia

However, Brown pulled you in with the intrigue to the point where you stopped caring and just embraced the idea or at least I did. That didn't happen here.

I couldn't find enough realism in characters or narrative to suspend my disbelief. The still-tormented Medardus leaves the monastery himself to try to pursue a secular life.

The Devil's Elixirs Summary -

The doppleganger sabotages their wedding, forcing Medardus to flee. He had a short stay as composer and director in the opera-house of Bamberg but the devil s elixirs soon caused the demise of this institution.

In this time of struggle for daily subsistence Hoffmann started writing stories that the devil s elixirs an alternative world of the fantastic. If you are into occult thrillers, this is the book you want to read. How it all starts The story starts with an introduction in which an anonymous writer tells that he will present us with a manuscript that has been hidden away in a monastery for decades.

It contains the memoirs of the monk Medardus and the abbot of the monastery is very reluctant in handing them over.

The Devil's Elixir, Vol. 1 (of 2) by E. T. A. Hoffmann - Free Ebook

In his opinion the manuscript should have been burnt long ago. Medardus starts the story of his life at the moment of his birth at a pilgrimage site.


He never knew who his father was, but his mother told him that he came to the site to atone for his grave sins and died comforted and peaceful the moment his son was born. And old painter, who also happens to be at the site, urges his the devil s elixirs to let her son become a cleric because the boy has many great gifts but the sins of his father are boiling in his blood.


He chooses the name Medardus and is developing into an ardent monk. But trouble is brewing… Falling in love with an altarpiece Medardus gets bestowed on him the honor to assist the elder brother Cyrillus in attending the relics that the monastery is housing.

The Elixirs of the Devil

Cyrillus shows him a case that contains the one relic that is never displayed to the public. It contains one of the bottles of elixirs that the devil used in one of his many futile the devil s elixirs to seduce Saint Antony.

Medardus shows them the relics and an attending nobleman immediately sets his eyes on the case containing the devils elixir. When Medardus tells the story, the count exclaims that he has never heard such humbug and that the case probably contains some fine Sicilian wine.

Returned to his original identity Medardus undergoes an intense process of repentance and discovers his family history by reading the diary of a painter.

After meeting with the Pope and becoming involved in potentially fatal Vatican political intrigue which suggest he may still have devilish ambitions to power Medardus returns to the German cloister.

A great fest is being the devil s elixirs — Aurelie is soon to take the devil s elixirs final vows to become a nun.

The Devil's Elixirs Summary

Once again he must struggle with his lust. When he is sixteen years old, he becomes a monk at the Capuchin convent in Konigswald and takes the name of Medardus.

Medardus is put in charge of the relics of the convent. Among them is a strange elixir. Legend says that all the devil s elixirs drink of the potion will belong to the devil, and that if two persons drink of it, they will share the same thoughts and desires but secretly wish to destroy each other.


While he is talking, he sees in the audience a painter he saw once at the Convent of the Holy Lime-Tree. The sight disturbs him so much that he begins to rave like a madman.