Review of "The Angel of the Odd" "The Angel of the Odd" is a short humor story written by Edgar Allan Poe. It was published in October of in Columbian Magazine. It tells the story of a man, who after reading of a strange death in the newspaper comments to himself on how he does not believe it. The Angel of the Odd has ratings and 62 reviews. Bookdragon Sean said: “The avenues of death are numerous and strange.”Indeed, that they are. Ac. The full text of The Angel of the Odd by Edgar Allan Poe, with vocabulary words and definitions.


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The creature announces in a heavy accent that he is the Angel of the Odd — and that he is responsible for causing such strange events.

Edgar Allan Poe, “The Angel of the Odd” | Library of America

The man, unconvinced, drives the angel away and takes an alcohol-induced nap. Instead of a minute nap, he wakes up two hours later, having the angel of the odd an appointment to renew his fire insurance.

Ironically, his house has caught fire and his only escape is out a window using a ladder the crowd below has provided for him. As he steps down, a hog brushes against the ladder, causing the narrator to fall and fracture his arm.


Later, the narrator's attempts at wooing a rich woman to be his wife end the angel of the odd failure when she realizes he is wearing a wig which he must wear since the fire in his apartment singed off his hair.

Then, he tries to woo another woman who also leaves him, scoffing at him for ignoring her as she passes.

The Angel of the Odd - Wikipedia

In reality, a particle had gotten into his eye, momentarily blinding him, just as she passed. Methought he stood at the foot of the couch, drew aside the curtains, and, in the hollow, detestable tones of a rum-puncheon, menaced me with the bitterest vengeance for the contempt with which I had treated him.

He concluded a long harrangue by taking off his funnelcap, inserting the tube into my gullet, and thus deluging me with an ocean of Kirschenwasser, which he poured, in a continuous flood, from one of the long-necked bottles that stood him instead of an arm.

My agony was at length insufferable, and I awoke just in time to perceive that a rat had ran off with the lighted candle from the stand, but not in season to prevent the angel of the odd making his escape with it through the hole.

Very soon, a strong suffocating odor assailed my nostrils; the house, I clearly perceived, was on fire. In a few minutes the blaze broke forth with the angel of the odd, and in an incredibly brief period the entire building was wrapped in flames.

All egress from the angel of the odd chamber, except through a window, was cut off. The crowd, however, quickly procured and raised a long ladder. By means of this I was descending rapidly, and in apparent safety, when a huge hog, about whose rotund stomach, and indeed the angel of the odd whose whole air and physiognomy, there was something which reminded me of the Angel of the Odd,- when this hog, I say, which hitherto had been quietly slumbering in the mud, took it suddenly into his head that his left shoulder needed scratching, and could find no more convenient rubbing post than that afforded by the foot of the ladder.

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In an instant I was precipitated, and had the misfortune to fracture my arm. This accident, with the loss of my insurance, and with the more serious loss of my hair, the whole of which had been singed off by the fire, predisposed me to serious impressions, so that, finally, I made up my mind to take a wife.

There was a rich widow the angel of the odd for the loss of her seventh husband, and to her wounded spirit I offered the balm of my vows.

"The Angel of the Odd" by Edgar Allan Poe

She yielded a reluctant consent to my prayers. I knelt at her feet in gratitude and adoration.

She blushed, and bowed her luxuriant tresse into close contact with those supplied me, temporarily, by Grandjean. I know not how the entanglement took place, but so it was.

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I arose with a shining pate, wigless, she in disdain and wrath, half buried in alien hair. Thus ended my hopes of the widow by an accident which could not have been anticipated, to be sure, but which the natural sequence of events had brought about.

Without despairing, however, I undertook the siege of a less implacable heart. The fates were again propitious for a brief period; but again a trivial incident interfered.


Meeting my betrothed in an avenue thronged with the elite of the city, I was hastening to greet her with one of my the angel of the odd considered bows, when a small particle of some foreign matter lodging in the corner of my eye, rendered me, for the moment, completely blind.

Before I could recover my sight, the lady of my love had disappeared- irreparably affronted at what she chose to consider my premeditated rudeness in passing her by ungreeted.