LAW OF. SUCCESS. IN SIXTEEN LESSONS. Teaching, for the First Time in the. History of the World, the True Philos- ophy upon which all Personal Success. 57 books — 16 voters. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle The Power of Death by Gabriel Dee Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman Law of Success by. The original monumental success masterpiece which clearly delineates the qualities which you must possess to become an over-achiever.


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  • 15 Laws of Success From Napoleon Hill
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The Law of Success is organized into sixteen original principles, or lessons. All of them are listed below: Telepathy, ether, vibration, and how it all is the basis for how the world functions.

A master mind is the alliance the 16 laws of success two minds joining in a harmonious way.

The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill: A Quick Overview | Owlcation

The power that is formed from two or more minds coming together is more powerful than one alone. This is strictly for minds who trust each other and are interested in the good success of all parties involved.

Your Definite Chief Aim: Do not underestimate the value of this due to its simplicity. You need to set an objective before you can achieve it. Not having a solid aim to focus on can not possibly get you the 16 laws of success it.

You have to know what you want so that you can start receiving it.


Believe that you are worthy of success and that you can attain it. Without this simple understanding- truly understanding it- you will probably get nowhere with most of your goals.

I recommend this Book to everyone who wants to be the 16 laws of success and wealthy. Everyone should have a copy of it. Intolerance closes the book of knowledge and writes on the cover, "Finished, I have learned it all! It destroys opportunity and fills the mind with doubt, mistrust and prejudice.

Failure[ edit ] Lesson 13 Failure will teach you how to make stepping stones out of all of your past and future mistakes and failures. It will teach you the difference between "failures" and the 16 laws of success defeat," a difference which is very great and the 16 laws of success.

It will teach you how to profit by your own failures and by the failures of other people. Cooperation [ edit ] Lesson 14 Co-operation will teach you the value of team-work in all you do.

In this lesson you will be taught how to apply the law of the "Master Mind" described in this Introduction and in Lesson 2 of this course.

He even uses the creationist "blind watchmaker" argument in one of the chapters as proof, that the universe simply had to be created by intelligent design and a creator with a plan.

The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill: A Quick Overview

On the other hand, he also invokes evolution and darwinism to back up some of his other theories. I don't really mind, whether the author is a religious creationist or a darwinist and atheist. What I do mind however, is when the author can't make up his mind and keeps the 16 laws of success sides whenever it suits his argument.

Quoting both revivalist ministers and atheist humanists, I don't see this as being flexible and open-minded - I see this as the author being confused and not really knowing, what he himself really believes or thinks.

Law of Success

It's a shame really, that so many of Hill's universally true principles of success, human psychology and self mastery are drowned out by tedious pseudo-scientific quasi-religious prose, which can make for a very frustrating read at times.

Additionally, the 16 laws of success of removing all that nonsense from the 21st century edition of the book, the editors have decided to dress it all up as magnificent foresight on Hill's part by claiming it to mean all kinds of other things instead of what Hill actually wrote.


I remain thoroughly unconvinced though and so will any discerning reader.