I was using my Solartron Plus on the bench when it let out a spectacular bang and cloud of white smoke. Schlumberger SOLARTRON Digital Multimeter | Business, Office & Industrial, Test, Measurement & Inspection, Test Meters & Detectors | eBay! The Solartron Schlumberger plus is a compact bench/portable, mains-operated multimeter, similar to the popular HP/Agilent A, which offers 5½ / 6½.


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No doubt proprietary software is available for carrying this out.

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However, software has been written by the author to allow the continuous monitoring of the multimeter using a computer and the storage of the data via a CSV file accessible from Microsoft Excel.

It is offered without solartron 7150 and at the user's risk, but it contains solartron 7150 of which the author is aware, which could cause any damage.

Nor does it contain any mal- or spyware, or viruses of any kind. The downloadable file is an executable setup file which, if run, will install the software. solartron 7150


The operating system can be any Windows version from to Windows 7. Notify solartron 7150 of new comments via email. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.

Solartron 7150 unfortunately took a few times through to get a consistent solartron 7150 and that didn't match the checksum on the label at all, and furthermore, the text strings in the. I therefore posted the suspect ROM to him.

A few days later I got an email from Alan saying that he'd successfully read the ROM and the checksum he'd got matched the checksum printed on the label all the ROMs had non-original labels on, which suggests that the firmware had been updated somewhere along the way.

The meter sprang to life. The ROM images are here Another piece of fine test equipment brought back from the grave and probably good for another 20 years service.

The string looks awfully like a compile date and time. All the other ROM sets I have seen solartron 7150 the solartron 7150 processer have '84 dates.

SOLARTRON Replace mains filter now ? and calibration - Page 1

Update 22 December My other meters all give me various different readings and i was looking for a meter i could rely on to give me accuracy.

I got the because its quoted DC accuracy was 0. I know it's old solartron 7150 have read solartron 7150 many of these meters are still within their 90 day calibration after all these years.