From The Scott Editors — By Donna Houseman. The edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue celebrates the th. Jump to Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers - Scott Publishing Co also Stamps and Postal History. Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue, Volume 1: A-B: United States, United Nations & Countries of the World (A-B) (Scott Standard Postage Stamp.


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In this case Scott will add a capital letter scott stamps catalogue suffix or use the strategy of stamps renumbering. Minor variations, such as shades or errors, get a lowercase letter.

2018 Scott Standard Postage Stamp eCatalogue Vol. 1: US, A-B

The additional descriptors include date of issue, illustration number, denomination and color. The illustration number correlates to scott stamps catalogue actual design of the stamp, minus the denomination and color, and scott stamps catalogue photographic example of each design can be found on the page of each Scott Catalogue.

It should be noticed that Scott numbering system is unique that is why the company claimed copyright on it.


Moreover, the system has a high commercial value. Editors of Scott catalogues are very powerful figures in the world of philately.

It is explained by the fact that they have the right scott stamps catalogue a great influence on what should be considered a valid postage stamp. Numerous increases are found among the stamps issued under Japanese occupation.

Overall values are slipping, except for values of great rarities. Decreases occur among the Cultural Revolution issues. The value is in italics to denote an item that scott stamps catalogue be difficult to value accurately.

Scarcer stamps of Cilicia show increases. Thirty-nine value changes were made. Many of these changes occur among the inverted overprint and double overprint varieties.

Scott catalogue - Wikipedia

Among the value changes in Costa Rica, all reflect increases, some more substantial than others. The value is in italics to denote that this is an item that can be difficult to value accurately. Scattered increases were made throughout Cape Verde.

A sprinkling of increases can scott stamps catalogue found among the many scott stamps catalogue for Corfu stamps. The 60 value changes among the issues of Cuba reflect scattered increases and decreases.

In addition to the factual information about the stamps, the catalog includes price information based on market analysis and reported sales from the previous year.


scott stamps catalogue As ofand despite annual changes to save space, the catalog was more than 5, pages. A small excerpt from s Bolivia; each stamp includes the Scott number, design, denomination, color, unused and used prices, and additional annotations as needed.

Scotts Stamp Catalog

As the "" appearing before "" suggests, related stamps are sometimes grouped logically rather than numbered strictly chronologically. The Scott numbering system assigns plain numbers for regular mail stamps, and uses capital letter prefixes for special-purpose types, such as "B" for semi-postals and "C" for scott stamps catalogue.

The numbers are generally scott stamps catalogue there are gaps among older stamps, where some numbered types were later renumbered, and among newer stamps where Scott has left numbers unassigned in the anticipation of additional stamps in a series.

In the Hunting Permit Stamps section, a footnote has been added after No.

"Scott" Numbers

RW13 explaining that the previously listed No. RW13a shade variety was deleted because it has been determined that it is a chemically induced changeling.

  • Scotts Stamp Catalog:
  • 2019 Scott Standard Postage Stamp eCatalogue Vol. 1: US, A-B

Angola received scott stamps catalogue thorough review this year, resulting in almost 2, value changes, which reflect mostly downward movement.

Scattered increases can be found among the scarce issues and varieties. A concentrated review of Bangladesh yielded slightly more than 1, value changes.


In general, stamps issued through show declines in value.