1) How was Hinduism Founded? Hinduism is the name used for "Sanatana Dharma" meaning eternal(Sanatana principles & actions that hold. This could be because of the fact that we were fed the concocted History of India, where Tamil is portrayed as anti Sanatana Dharma,inimical to North. Sangam Tamil Literature has several poets with Sanskrit names. Mostly they are Hindu God names. The British rulers who followed the policy.


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Tamil Culture Part Of Sanatana Dharma

These remarks were made in the passing,assuming that further explanation was not necessary. This was remiss of me.


I assumed that Indians,educated included are aware of these references. More excavations, for which there is great scope, are certain to confirm this, especially if they concentrate on ancient places of worship, as at Gudimallam.

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Let us now see the picture we get from Sangam literature. North Indian cities santana dharma in tamil referred to, such as Ujjain, or Mathura after which Madurai was named. Court poets proudly claim that the Chera kings conquered North Indian kingdoms and carved their emblem onto the Himalayas.

The Brahman received much respect from the king and was often given gifts of wealth and cattle. Because of this distorted picture, everything in history was written with a bias.

BASICS of HINDUISM (Sanatana Dharma)

But those who read Sanskrit and Tamil literature will find more similarities than differences in the Indian culture.

Every country, every culture has regional differences which are normal and superficial. Santana dharma in tamil is no place in the world without such differences. Tamils of ancient Tamil Nadu had so many differences in the five different land divisions known as Kurinji, Mullai, Marutham, Neithal and Palai.

Sanatana Dharma Tamil | Ramani's blog

The three kingdoms fought among themselves for years without stopping. But nobody interpreted them as enemies of one race santana dharma in tamil another. Kanchi Paramacharya has pointed out the unity in thought beautifully well in one of his lectures. These finds of structures in shallow water some so shallow that they are exposed at low tide have been quite widely written-up in the archaeological literature.


But for santana dharma in tamil reason other discoveries that the NIO has made in deeper water off Poompuhar have attracted no attention at all. Most notably these other discoveries include a second completely separate group of structures fully three miles from the Poompuhar shore in water that is more than 70 feet 23 metres deep.

The lack of interest is surprising because to anyone with even minimal knowledge of post-glacial sea-level rise santana dharma in tamil depth of submergence is — or should be — highly anomalous. Is it a coincidence that there are ancient Tamil flood myths that speak of a great kingdom that once existed in this area called Kumari Kandam that was swallowed up by the sea?

Tamil and Sanatana Dharma | Ramani's blog

Sanatana Dharma is the oldest faith known to mankind. Western scholarships have traced the origination of this Dharma to sometime around B.

The words "Hindu" and "Hinduism" which is yet to be substantiated. In reality it is dateless as it is impossible to date the origination of this Dharma. The date has been obtained by carbon dating the Vedas. Second, santana dharma is santana dharma in tamil tradition that rejects the untrue, and accepts the true.

When in conflict, choose Shruti over smriti is a direct consequence of this.


Application of philosophical tests is another way. The six systems of philosophy have various proof tests, of different weights for this very purpose.