If Felipe's advice does not work. Tap Settings App > General > Restrictions > make sure Safari is not doesn't display facebook correctly. If you go to Preferences > Advanced and enable Show Develop menu in menubar, you'll have one more menu called Develop between Bookmark and Window menu. Then if you click the develop menu, you'll see the option to disable images. If this option is enabled, Safari won't show any image on any page. Hover over the video and click on the grey bar atop the video titled "Safari Power Saver Click to Start Flash Plug-in." (This can be hard to see as it's partially.


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Choose your OS Launch the uninstaller from your Downloads folder on your Mac When the uninstaller runs, click Uninstall Enter your admin password and close your browser Other safari problems - try to use custom Safari doesn t show preferences Hopefully Safari is safari doesn t show working as it should.

With some hints and tips you can get even more out of your browser by using Safari preferences to customize the experience.

A Safari to remember With these fixes to common Safari problems on Mac, your Safari experience should be drastically improved. Safari doesn t show Safari is performing at its best, it makes for a great browser experience.

We hope you feel empowered enough to know that next time Safari has an issue, you can solve it yourself.

Or use a helpful app like CleanMyMac to save the day. We are doing this because if there is any malware in your browser, we want to remove it. If not, safari doesn t show follow along for the next option.

Safari does not show up on home screen - Apple Community

Before safari doesn t show with the options below, you may want to sync your reading list and bookmarks to iCloud in the case they are very important safari doesn t show you. There is a chance that they may get deleted while we do the options below, especially option 3.

Step — 1 Close your Safari. From integrated social media to watching and sharing videos online, Safari provides the means for surfing the Internet, conducting research and staying in touch.

Re-enable images in Safari to restore the full Web browsing experience.

How to Troubleshoot Common Safari Problems on Mac

Click the "Safari" menu in Safari and select "Preferences. Fast forward to today, many say that Safari is the best browser there is for Mac users. It's lighter and faster than the alternatives such as Chrome and Opera.

But despite of all of its advantages, Safari glitches once in a while. One of those glitches is when Safari doesn t show won't display images on visited web pages.

While you could still get the content of most of the web pages without the images, but it's no fun.