Rusch to Glory: Making the Journey from Ordinary to Extraordinary. Rebecca Rusch is one of the great endurance athletes of her generation, but she began her journey toward greatness from an ordinary beginning. It's called Rusch to Glory and it was written by Rebecca Rusch. Now that in and of itself isn't a big problem. Like I say he knows a thing or two. Read "Rusch to Glory Adventure, Risk & Triumph on the Path Less Traveled" by Rebecca Rusch with Rakuten Kobo. Rebecca Rusch is one of.


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Review: Rusch to Glory | A Year of Livinghummdangerous?

I could totally relate to the rusch to glory of her early races where she felt like a technically inferior rider. She described the fear she had of technical courses, as well as the fear she had of being out of her league in races.


It made her feel more real to me. Heck, if Rebecca Rusch has felt out of her league in a mountain bike race, well then I am in good company and its OK to have those feelings! Really anyone who starts rusch to glory new sport or venture and wonders what they have gotten themselves into should be able to relate.

The Bad I rusch to glory the book was mis-titled.

The message I got from the book was that her drive is much more internal. It rusch to glory clear that Rebecca is driven by competition. Winning while important, seamed to be important only so that she could continue being sponsored and doing the kinds of things she loves to do.


What was clear was that in the end she is trying to become the best she can be. Reading the sections on body boarding the Colorado river or riding the Kokopelli Trail demonstrated this internal motivation.

The Ugly Just read the section on the leeches and rusch to glory will understand the ugly.

His demeanor is always calming for me. I would not settle for a minute gap. I wanted this, and rusch to glory fierce competitor in me was prepared to work harder than ever. But for rusch to glory, being in my own world, just riding as fast as I can without distractions is the type of riding I find most familiar.

Rusch to Glory - Rebecca Rusch, Selene Yeager - Häftad | Bokus

However that section of the race delivers another challenge: Naturally, today there was a headwind. I could pick out a rider in the distance.

I set him as my target and crouched as low as Rusch to glory could on my bike for aerodynamics. I had to push harder than I wanted to for about 20 minutes to finally catch him — another strategic individual time trial.

Book excerpt: 'Rusch to Glory,' by Rebecca Rusch –

Once I caught him, we rode together for about 20 minutes. I desperately needed some shelter from the wind, which he provided.


And while few words were exchanged, having another human being to suffer with was somewhat comforting too. As I hit the back side of Powerline at Mile 80, I plummeted deep into the pain cave.

I had been flirting with cramps since Columbine and was digging really, really deep, just as rusch to glory Leadville tagline tells us to do.