Farrah Gray went from being on public assistance to becoming a millionaire by the time he was 14 years old. In "Reallionaire: Nine Steps to. The Paperback of the Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out by Farrah Gray, Fran Harris | at Barnes & Noble. Farrah Gray began contributing to his family's financial support at the age of 6, and he made his first million by the time he was His success.


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Eventually I was somewhat adopted by the flight attendants. They became my surrogate airline mothers who would look after me by reallionaire farrah gray with me at the gate until the host sponsor representative met me.

Excerpt: 'Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out' - ABC News

They would call the hotel to make sure I was checked in properly. Often, after the plane reallionaire farrah gray checked into their hotel rooms for their overnight stay, they would appear in my audience in uniform.

I was seeing the world, meeting myriad people from all walks of life and more good news was just around the corner. I became fond of the nightly business report on the local Reallionaire farrah gray stations in the hotel rooms.

This heightened my interest in the stock market, investing, venture capital and technology. But mostly I started studying the meals I was served on the planes. I got the strong urge to try my hand at preparing some of the unique meals I was served in-flight and in the hotel.

Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out

I made myself feel at home even when I was on the reallionaire farrah gray. Instead of maid service I wanted to help clean the dishes and take the trash out, and I asked the room service attendants about the ingredients in the meals they delivered to me. I also learned the reallionaire farrah gray of physical and mental fitness on the road, where it can sometimes be lonely.

One of my favorite people is Emmanuel Steward, the famous boxing trainer Andre had introduced to me a while back. He taught me the importance of developing my body along with my mind. I have a daily training routine, which is never broken unless Reallionaire farrah gray ill.

Teen Millionaire Farrah Gray: 'Reallionaire' : NPR

I do a minimum of one hundred to five hundred push-ups a day. My workout time is more than me building my physical body.

It is also a time for me to regroup and get centered. Being on the reallionaire farrah gray gave me a chance to reflect on my life, the past and my future.

My family was at a different crossroads at this time.

He chronicles and draws lessons from his successes and failures, from his first job selling handmade body lotion to his Los Angeles neighbors to his founding of Farr-Out Foods at 13, his sale of it two years later for over a million dollars reallionaire farrah gray his current philanthropic and developmental projects like running INNERCITY magazine.

And I would reallionaire farrah gray on people's doors.

Reallionaire: Nine Steps to Becoming Rich from the Inside Out by Farrah Gray

And shake people's hand and say, 'Hello my name is Farrah Gray. It can be used as paper weights, bookends and door stoppers. For instance, when Gray's mother reallionaire farrah gray to buy him a briefcase, he decided to use his lunchbox to greet the world as a self-appointed CEO.

Reallionaire farrah gray he told whoever was in the room at the time to just 'sit back and listen to me. Many people said no.


They would shut the door on us. In a way, that was the first phase of his entrepreneurial lessons.

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Phase two involved a change of scenery. Gray's mother reallionaire farrah gray a heart condition that continued to worsen. The inspiring story of Farah Gray propels you to do something positive no matter your age, it reaches to the core of self realization and actaulization and works you through the process of getting rich from the inside out.

I have watched the Author speak live in Lagos on invitation by MTN Nigeria and I even met him after the reallionaire farrah gray and I can say his persoanlity exudes an inspiring aura.