Ranginui Walker is from Whakatohea of Opotiki. He was educated at St Peter's Maori College, Auckland Teachers College and the University of Auckland. I rang Ranginui Walker last year to ask for his views when I was doing some research about the failure of the media to represent Māori realities. Title: Review of Nga Tau Tohetohe: Years of Anger, by Ranginui Walker. Authors: Ward, Alan. Date Issued: Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press. Citation.


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Dr Walker was appointed to ranginui walker Waitangi Tribunal in He chaired review panels, he supported and advised staff and remained keenly interested in the affairs of the University.

Obituary: Ranginui Walker, powerful advocate for Maori, |

He did not hold back. An enduring theme was colonialism ranginui walker the marginalisation of Maori. He went on to repeatedly come back to a ranginui walker of themes: The young couple in He apologised for discussing the matter in the media before talking to those involved.

Looking back at these columns, they provide a commentary on the key events of the time, from the local — the dispute over the Raglan golf course — through to the Land March, the Springbok rugby tour and the hikoi to Waitangi.

Dr Ranginui Walker

The columns were an influential source of information on Maori-Pakeha or Maori-state relations for many. And he was not shy about voicing his ranginui walker and criticism of Maori organisations or leaders. The Listener columns required ranginui walker discipline from Walker that he was more than capable of meeting.

His work ethic was impressive. But he also showed an ability to communicate complex issues or events in an easily digestible form. This was confirmed by his increasing radio and television appearances.

Obituary: Ranginui Walker, powerful advocate for Maori, 1932-2016

And then came his books, seven in total. His book ranginui walker Apirana Ngata adds to our understanding of an early 20th-century leader.


It is a large, wandering book it was even larger before editing. The book on Whakatohea provides insight — from his perspective — on iwi politics and his role ranginui walker them. But the one that stands out is Ka Whawhai Tonu Matou.

The wide range of his interests makes ranginui walker writing an invaluable ranginui walker of information on Maori literature, as well as many other topics.

His book-length publications include Nga Tau Tohetohea collection of his finest columns, and Ka Whawhai tonu Matou: Struggle without Endan unusual book of Maori history, as well as more specialised works: And he has argued for a very different future.

His recent passing provokes us all into another call for contemplation and commentary, to revisit his achievements and the legacy he has left us not only in Aotearoa, but beyond these shores.