Estadística y Probabilidad. EQUIPO mathsgo! El equipo mathsgo! está formado por profesionales que están directamente relacionados con la educación. simples y amplias, simples y estrechas, compuestas y amplias y compuesta y estrechas. .. una alta probabilidad de camuflaje frente a posibles depredadores. Probabilidad Simple 11 Uploaded by . Área: matemáticas Tema: probabilidad simple. Nombre: . Preguntas Icfes probabilidad compuesta. Uploaded by.


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Una media muestral x puede pensarse como la suma de dos cantidades, la media poblacional y el error muestral; si e denota el error muestral, entonces: Problems in banking, biology, medicine or other fields will be solved, time permitting.

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Thompson TerryConsultant, Palisade Corporation The aim of this session is to give people a basic understanding of how to perform quantitative project risk analysis using RISK for Project.

You will learn how RISK for Microsoft Project works and probabilidad simple y compuesta hands-on experience for setting up and running simulations, and interpreting the results. Attendees will learn about the key functionality within RISK for Project probabilidad simple y compuesta step-by-step method, enabling them to quickly become familiar with basic concepts and terminology.


In addition to graphing and quantifying the risk in probabilidad simple y compuesta business plan, you will learn how RISK for Project, using Monte Carlo simulation, enables you to: Michael ReesSenior Consultant, Palisade Corporation The probabilidad simple y compuesta is designed to introduce attendees to the concepts and methods necessary to develop a risk assessment and to make a defensible decision under uncertainty.

Attendees will discover how to translate their deterministic Excel analysis into an RISK model that can be used to quantify exposure and test mitigation strategies.

Examples will be presented which will demonstrate how to effectively use the software and to interpret the results.

Examples probabilidad simple y compuesta include probabilistic reserves estimation both for individual fields and for corporations, analysis of exploration, of discovery and of drilling situations, production forecasting, pricing models, cash flow analysis, and optimal facility sizing.

Selecting the Right Distribution Presenter: A crucial aspect of risk modeling is the selection of the appropriate distribution to use to represent key uncertain variables.

Microgynon ®

RISK offers a wealth of probability distributions — some are probabilidad simple y compuesta intuitive like the Uniform and Triangular, others are somewhat familiar to anyone with a scientific, engineering or finance background, like the Normal and Lognormal.

However, many of the other distributions offered in RISK gives us access to sophisticated probability thinking that can greatly extend probabilidad simple y compuesta simplify your risk models. This session will explain, in simple terms and illustrated with example models, the thinking behind the most powerful distributions, what they model, and how they can be put to use in your risk analyses.

Introduction to PrecisionTree 5.

Erik WestwigSoftware Engineer, Palisade Corporation This presentation combines an introduction probabilidad simple y compuesta the enhanced user interface, tighter Excel integration, and new features of PrecisionTree 5.

A complementary beta version of PrecisionTree 5. Meet Palisade Developers Presenter: Sam wrote the original RISK program, and is actively involved with engineering behind all Palisade software.


Mike Rees gives consulting and training classes on most Palisade software and has an extensive business consulting and modeling background.

All three have seen RISK and other tools applied in dozens of probabilidad simple y compuesta industries.

Maths Go! - Estadística y Probabilidad

So bring your spreadsheet models and your software wish list while you get to know the people behind RISK, the DecisionTools Suite, and more.

El resultado es similar a la paradoja original. En el juego B, las probabilidades dependen de lo que el jugador ha ganado hasta el momento llamaremos a probabilidad simple y compuesta cantidad el capital.

Una media muestral x puede pensarse como la suma de dos cantidades, probabilidad simple y compuesta media poblacional y el error muestral; si e denota el error muestral, entonces: El sesgo de las muestras es un tipo de error no muestral.