The very idea might strike you as blatantly ridiculous. But after two years of research, we have come to the conclusion that these enigmatic phone calls do occur. In such calls, the telephone usually rings normally, but may sound flat and abnormal. Usually the connection is bad and the voice of the deceased fades. There are many accounts of individuals receiving phone calls from the dead. In , Charles Peck's cell phone made 35 calls after he had.


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She quickly informed the investigator that the name of the man he had asker her about was her husband who had died a decade previously and was not still alive.


Her husband couldn't have made the phone call to the investigator. Rattled, the investigator decided to call the number back that the man had called him from and received an earful of static, followed by an abrupt termination of the call.

This happened two times.

Phone Call from the Dead - TV Tropes

So, the investigator then called the woman back and explained the entire, strange story. He was stupefied to find out the old, static-filled phone number he had dialed was indeed the woman's and her deceased husband's old telephone number from the house he had died in when it burnt down!

A Ghost Call in England Ina man from England shared a different ghost call story with the media. This ghost phone calls from the dead concerned his dead wife contacting him by way of his cell phone.

Phone Calls From The Dead | Historic Mysteries

Not only did Frank claim to have received phone calls from the dead, but further claimed that his deceased wife and son also visited with him in his home! Because there is so much information and so many stories about phone calls from the dead, it is impossible to say whether they hit reality or popular culture first.

Therefore, there is no way to say if one influenced the phone calls from the dead.

Nonetheless, calls from beyond the grave are at least traceable in fiction as far back as Any earlier instances are welcome in the comments section. That is a little too literal for reality, but it made for a great story.


When she reached him again, she begged him not to go, but he told her that he always did what she wanted so he had to leave her alone.

Few stories of dead calls involve this much communication.

Phone Calls From The Dead

Reading up on phone calls from the dead, it is easy to find stories of caller i. The latter makes it at least somewhat provable. Calls phone calls from the dead not be coming directly from dead people, but their phones are certainly acting up in unexpected and unexplained ways.

It involves a train crash in San Fernando Valley that killed 25 people on September 12, Film In The Mothman Propheciesthe main character gets a phone call from what appears to be his wife.

Ghost Phone Calls From The Dead

The movie White Noise phone calls from the dead about a man who receives messages from his dead wife through the static on television sets and radios. It's implied that it wasn't his wife but a more sinister ghostly phone calls from the dead.

The plot of Frequency involves the main character being able to communicate through time with his long-dead father, albeit through a ham radio rather than a telephone. There was a French movie shown at the Jewish Film Festival where the Jewish protagonist starts receiving mocking phone calls from his dead father.

Throughout the movie, he often talks to his father on various phones, but this is very, very expensive.

John Dies at the End features a drug, only known as "Soy Sauce", that causes a number of unusual "side effects" to the user. Contrary to the movie's title, John dies about half way through, but through the power of Soy Sauce he is able to contact his friend David, first by calling him on his broken cell phone calls from the dead, then through a Bratwurst that David is instructed to hold to his ear like a cell phone.