This book introduces and reviews recent advances in the field in a comprehensive and non-technical way by focusing on the potential of emerging. This paper introduces the concept of participatory sensing, which tasks everyday mobile devices, such as cellular phones, to form interactive, participatory. Mobile participatory sensing has opened the doors to numerous sensing scenarios that were unimaginable few years ago. In absence of protection mechanisms.


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These citizens can participatory sensing use this data in their discussions with local policy makers and possible action such as improving manufacturing practices can be taken.

SETI home [ 11 ] and Folding home [ 12 ] are examples of very successful public volunteer computing projects where ordinary citizens although not involved in defining the research questions donated compute participatory sensing of their personal computers to help the scientific discovery.

One can easily extend this situation to participatory sensing environment.

Participatory sensing - Wikipedia

Consider a not-for-profit group that wants to document conditions of roads in a city since its members believe that potholes are primary causes of road accidents. The group has developed an open-source application that uses sensors embedded in cell phones accelerometer, GPS, participatory sensing gyroscope to assess the road condition.

Users can also give their input in the form of textual comments or pictures. All data will be anonymized and stored on a publicly accessible site. Anyone can just download and install this application on the phone. For example, imagine a busy businessman interested in gathering data about his eating, sleeping, and commute habits hoping to participatory sensing hidden patterns in private and public behavior.

He is also interested to know if the new medication has any impact on his eating habits and quantify the impact of his yoga sessions on his sleep quality. He wants to understand the relationship between his junk food consumption and stress level.

He shares his walking routes with his buddies hoping to burn calories and eat more healthy food by learning new routes and food joints. He is using multiple sensors embedded in his cell phone and wears few sensors to gather this data.

Center for Embedded Network Sensing

He shares this data with his friends and family. He is also sharing an anonymized version of this data on a public site hoping to learn from participatory sensing.

He is hoping to learn patterns that he is currently overlooking and then make positive changes participatory sensing his lifestyle.


We now describe the steps involved in building a typical participatory sensing sensing application. Participants are provided necessary hardware e.

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Participants are also informed about data access, security, and privacy policies, and participatory sensing their consent is taken before moving forward. During configuration participants can select different data transfer policies.

For example, participants with unlimited cellular data plan might allow transfer of data over both cellular and WiFi networks, while participatory sensing with limited cellular data plan might allow data transfer only over the WiFi network.

The data center can be simply a server hosted a university laboratory or a cluster hosted by a department on premises of a company or commercial cloud infrastructure such as Amazon EC2. This involves participatory sensing myriad of data processing methods ranging from data cleaning to descriptive statistics to image processing and sophisticated machine learning algorithms.

This step is typically application specific.

Participatory sensing | ACM Interactions

System Participatory sensing Participatory sensing applications have two major components: Figure 1 shows the system architecture for a participatory sensing application that exploits sensor data collected during cross-country flights by paraglider pilots to study thermal effects in the atmosphere [ 13 ].

The participatory sensing end data center is a server where the data analysis and visualization services run for this particular application. System architecture for a typical current generation personalized mobile sensing application.