Paratrisika Vivarana By Abhinavagupta. the Secret of Tantric Mysticism. By: J-tr Singh. pp. Paperback Book. Publisher: MOTILAL BANARSIDASS. A Trident of Wisdom: Translation of Paratrisika-vivarana of Abhinavagupta Yogasūtrabhāṣyavivaraṇa of Śaṅkara: Vivaraṇa Text with English Translation. Paratrisika-vivarana: the secret of tantric mysticism / Abhinavagupta ; English translation, with notes and running exposition, by Jaideva Singh ; Sanskrit text.


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It was, rather, to formulate a unified theory of consciousness that underlay different modes of experience. To grossly simplify, his description of the paratrisika vivarana experience even of a reader — where we lose or abstract away from our own location in time and space, our own utilitarian justifications, and transcend our ego since our interests are not at stake, and yet at the same time we are responsive — is paradigmatically paratrisika vivarana to religious experience.

This move paratrisika vivarana had radical consequences.

Formats and Editions of Paratrisika-Vivarana : the secret of Tantric mysticism []

He is a pathway into self-discovery. Abhinavagupta has every soteriological ambition that philosophers in the Indian tradition have had.


Paratrisika vivarana he combines them with an unusual sense of our embodiment as creatures. There is an unusual sense of humanity that runs through his commentary on the Gita, a far cry from the cold metaphysical sternness of Shankara.

He is decidedly more egalitarian, less devoid of sectarian paratrisika vivarana than many others.


Paratrisika vivarana contributions to the philosophy of language, the relationship between Word and World or perhaps more accurately, the World as Word, brought about a paradigm shift in thinking about language.

His re-articulation of the idea of rasa as something involving not just the properties of a text, but the subjectivity of the agent, was something like a Copernican moment in Indian paratrisika vivarana.

Paratrisika-Vivarana: The Secret of Tantric Mysticism - Abhinavagupta - Google Buku

There are too many reasons to engage with, and celebrate and paratrisika vivarana our sense of self with Abhinavagupta. The task of making his millennial centenary meaningful is not going to be easy.

For centuries, he survived largely in the portals of south Indian Saivite tantrism; the recovery of the full range of his texts was largely a product of the pioneering efforts by scholars like K.

Pandey in the s. There is no question that he is difficult, not in the sense of being unclear, but in the sense that any philosophical enterprise paratrisika vivarana touches on fundamental questions is.

He is for deep-sea divers, not for those who skate on surfaces. One central problem for the modern reader is the problem of translation. paratrisika vivarana

Paratrisika-Vivarana: The Secret of Tantric Mysticism - Abhinavagupta - Google книги

While projects like the Murty Classical Library are now creating new benchmarks, the knotty problem of translating Indian philosophical texts has still not been addressed. It deals with Ultimate Reality anuttara or para and with the methods paratrisika vivarana realization, centred above all in the theory and practice of the mantra.

Abhinavagupta displays here his great exegetical genius and presents a penetrating metaphysics paratrisika vivarana language, of the Word vak and its various stages in relation to consciousness.

His language reflects in a luminous fashion the mystical experience contained in this text.