Indeed, for Freud, autoerotism and primary narcissism conceptualize the earliest .. esencialmente en sus conceptos de autoerotismo y narcisismo primario. Freud ha rilevato che il narcisismo (ossia, con riferimento al mito di Narciso, nel bambino parliamo di "narcisismo primario" e solo successivamente si. Freud - Libido oggettuale e narcisistica Stai lontana dall'Uomo Narcisista, ruba la tua vitalità per.


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All adds up to a sinister riddle A thought strikes me So dreadful I scarcely dare give it utterance The four of them Beyond Autoerotism and Narcissism.

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Viewing the full text of this document requires a subscription narcisismo primario freud PEP Web. If I become like my patient then there are two of the same kind in the room.

Gitelson reported an amusing and telling experience when the supervising analyst pointed out that narcisismo primario freud identification with his frightened patient could not be helpful. I am perhaps more critical of the dangers of introjection, just because I believed for a time that introjection and projection were the only valid mechanisms in object relationships.

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I also wish to draw attention to a frequent confusion between introjection as a mechanism, which leads to structural changes, and the perception of intrapsychic processes, such as thinking, feeling, imagining, etc.

The term cognition, according to Holt has acquired a considerable broadening in its recent renaissance so that it comprises perception, judging, forming concepts, learning especially that of a meaningful, verbal kind narcisismo primario freud, imagining, fantasying, imaging, creating, and solving problems.

Each of narcisismo primario freud events represents a psychic event, and as such it is by necessity an internal process, but it is not by necessity the result of introjection.

Narcisismo primario freud means of such cognition an object becomes represented internally Sandler and Rosenblatt, Only the young child who is under the dominance of his oral impulses forms his perceptions and conceptions to a large extent with the help of oral tasting.

In later development, when the inherent ego-capacity of narcisismo primario freud has become operative, the contribution of oral mechanisms in perception recedes.


One narcisismo primario freud the unfortunate effects of the greater attention given in recent years to early infantile processes has been the attribution of a near-monopolistic dominance to orality.

When studying the literature, particularly when reading descriptions of the psychoanalytic process, or of the interaction between analyst and patient, narcisismo primario freud of the qualities expected of the applicant, I encountered a feeling of unease, which is in fact an old acquaintance and has assailed me at times about my own writings, but this time, concerned with the goals of psychoanalytic education, I read with sharpened sensitivity and came to define this sense of unease.

Briefly, it is the reaction to descriptions which have a subtle, yet unmistakable, flavour of illusions about psychoanalysis, with idealizations of the analyst as a narcisismo primario freud. It would need rather full quotations from several papers to substantiate my point, and to do this is obviously beyond the framework of my paper.


I am thus aware of the risk of being misunderstood when Narcisismo primario freud am singling out a few phrases from a few papers. For example, Lampl-de Groot, in the first Symposium and van der Leeuw in the second mention "integrity" as a necessary requirement for the analyst.

To my mind "integrity of character", Lampl-de Groot's phrase, is a very rare quality; it occurs only in a few persons, for whom "nature and infancy" have combined to produce such exquisite intrapsychic relations that they are able to conduct their narcisismo primario freud social lives in accordance with the highest ethical principles.

The Uncanny by Sigmund Freud

True, Lampl-de Groot then turns to medical ethics and demands that the analyst should honour them. These remarks considerably reduce the narcisismo primario freud impression which her phrase has caused.

Medical ethics and professional reliability are part and parcel of ordinary human decencies.