The era of modern Egyptian art started from a need to manifest the cultural variety of a new nation by a greater artistic diversity. In the process. If you are searching for a travel destination where you can see an altogether different type of art then Egypt is exactly the spot you've been looking for. Shop for modern egypt art from the world's greatest living artists. All modern egypt artwork ships within 48 hours and includes a day money-back guarantee.


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Contemporary art in Egypt

Without a doubt, the ibis in antiquated Egypt was called modern egyptian art peaked akh-bird". For Tourists Regarding etiquette and customs, the best way to be sure of doing the modern egyptian art thing is to follow the lead of the Egyptian host or hostess.

Any mistake in etiquette or customs is quickly forgiven here. Visitors should treat even the lowliest-seeming porter or taxi driver, and especially those in authority, with great respect in Egypt, so as to be treated the same way in return.

Contemporary art in Egypt - Wikipedia

The painter, who's an avid user of colours, says that "The piece will be about the way colours can move! Since modern egyptian art age of 21, this national treasure has exhibited her work twice a year over an impressive year career.


Mahmoud El Modern egyptian art A native of Aswan and originally a commerce graduate-turned-sculptor in the yearEl Modern egyptian art is one of Egypt's most established young sculptors often showcasing his works across the Arab region and Europe.

He also praises the gallery's ability to creatively curate a collection of uniquely different contemporary artists highlighting the diversity of Egypt's arts scene. Mohamed Abu El Waffa Abu El Waffa is an up-and-coming contemporary artist, with a passion of capturing folkloric puppetry.

Egypt Modern Art - Ask Aladdin

Armen Agop, Installation View, via artpluralgallery. Working with the materials that possess a strong inner gravity, he modern egyptian art adopted modern egyptian art stonework skills in a perpetual quest for the purest form. Combining contemporary and ancient, he makes sculptures that reminiscence the harmony, balance and purity of the human soul.

Growing up in Egypt, what inspired him the most is the simplicity of the desert and the power of one line to change the landscape. His photographs evoke the deliciously outmoded feel of the photo-novels that accompanied cinema at the time and highlight in each portrait the extraordinary character of his models, distinguished artists, actors, singers, and friends.

Youssef Nabil, via youtube. Working between sculpture and installationhe plays with scale and volume to create a very perceptible, energized luminous field.


Modern egyptian art sculptures are a reference to products whose design follows any form or fabrication constraints. The titles of his pieces provide hints for their interpretation. George Lappas at Jewish Museum, via donopoulosinternationalfinearts.

Reflecting Egyptian Pharaonic identity, he creates figures inspired by harmonious forms of Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Artists You Need to Know | Widewalls

He is strongly drawing from Egyptian modern egyptian art heritage to create contemporary sculptures with clean lines. The revolution, as Ursula Lindsey points out "has accelerated the valorization of Egypt's burgeoning youth culture and its "underground" and modern egyptian art artists".

The large corpus of graffiti available shows a high incidence of national and gender related imagery highlighting the political and social themes that engage different sides of the Egyptian society.


Through graffiti and its predominant imagery we can catch a glimpse of how the Egyptians reconstruct national symbols and how events of the revolution are memorialized not only preventing them from modern egyptian art but transforming them into symbols of national identity.

As Susan Philips indicates "if graffiti is a window into a culture