Obras de Miguel de Unamuno has 9 ratings and 1 review. Rosa said: Ler para BrilharPara uma pessoa que leia um livro com o fim de saber, gozar e aprov. Project Gutenberg offers free ebooks for Kindle, iPad, Nook, Android, and iPhone. La obra contiene: Del sentimiento trágico de la vida. Niebla. Abel Sánchez. La tía Tula. San Manuel Bueno, mártir. Antología poética.


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Reevaluating the figure of Don Quijote, Unamuno saw him as a model for the new man who would save the world, for he acts by faith and love rather than by reason.

Miguel de Unamuno A Life of Struggle - Transpositions

In The Agony of Miguel de unamuno obrasUnamuno described the struggle to believe and the agony involved in the preservation of Christian faith. Many of Unamuno's novels exemplify his philosophic and religious ideas.

Mistdealing with the theme of immortality, is also an important work for its contributions to the theory of the modern novel.


Asserting his autonomy as a character, Augusto Perez protests to the author of the work about the decision to have him die. Miguel de unamuno obras first glance, this is a story in which history and the literary appear to collide, a story that asks questions about the relationship between history and art.

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It is no secret that he loved a good argument and he often provoked them. The reasons for this continue to intrigue.

One was physical and political, and the other spiritual. According to Stephen Roberts, Unamuno styled himself as the first Spanish public intellectual.


Moreover, in his Diario Intimohe declared his personal mission to be that of a writer who must use his pen in a battle for Christ: In he addressed the intellectual centre of Madrid, the Ateneo, drawing attention to three Gospel passages: He read the passages aloud and interspersed them with personal reflections about faith and grace, doubt, time and eternity, the impact of the actions of one individual upon another, about repentance and forgiveness.

In his miguel de unamuno obras work he drew on the Bible as a source throughout his life. A prolific letter writer, he corresponded with the great Spanish poet Miguel de unamuno obras Machado on the subject of Biblical reflections.

His library featured versions of the Bible in Hebrew, Latin, Greek, Spanish, and German, as well as commentaries and theological works. Thus he initially welcomed Franco's revolt as necessary to rescue Spain from the excesses of the Second Republic.

Obras selectas - Miguel de Unamuno - Google книги

Unamuno said of the military revolt that it would be the victory of "a brand of Catholicism miguel de unamuno obras is not Christian and of a paranoid militarism bred in the colonial campaigns," referring in the latter case to the war with Abd el-Krim in what was then Spanish Morocco. Franco's revolt also started from Spanish Morocco.

He called the battle cry of the elite Spanish Legion —"Long live death! One historian notes that his address was a "remarkable act of moral courage" and that he risked miguel de unamuno obras lynched on the spot but was saved by Franco's wife who took him out of the place.

Shortly afterwards, Unamuno was effectively removed for a second time from the rectorship of the University of Salamanca. A few days later he confided to Nikos Kazantzakis: No, I have not become a right-winger.

Obras de Miguel de Unamuno by Miguel de Unamuno

Pay no mind to what people say. No, I have not betrayed the cause of liberty. But for now, it's totally essential that order be restored.