Best Mehndi Designs for EID, diwali, karwa chauth etc. and for hands and legs online on happyshappy! brose the beautiful mehndi design images, find and save. Exclusive Mehndi Designs - Henna Designs for all the ladies and girls out there, best designs for hands, feet suited for any event. Be more trendy and give one. Mostly henna lovers are interest to decorate hands with arabic mehndi designs. Here we share some feel good arabic mehandi designs for weddings festivals.


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Mehndi is believed to be more than nine thousand years old.

The idea of decorating hands and legs with henna originated in the Arab world which is famous for simple mehndi designs. Presently, mehndi designs are prevalent mehndi designs India, Arabia, and Pakistan. While in India, Mehndi is the symbolic representation of the inner and outer sun.

Beautiful mehndi designs Arabic 2018

Women and girls in India adorn henna during all auspicious events like weddings, birthdays, or other forms of parties. Latest official dresses in Kenya With the introduction of attention-grabbing new mehndi designs plus varieties of henna colors like mehndi designs, black, stones, glitter, mehndi designs more nations like the Unites States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom are embracing mehndi.

The following article will feature some of the favorite, enticing, and sophisticated mehndi designs for full hands, back, mehndi designs legs. Arabic mehndi designs - Henna designs for Kenyan ladies Arabic mehndi designs are loved by most women because they represent the best combination of simplicity and elegance.

Mehndi Designs - Henna Designs - Sensod - Create. Connect. Brand.

Most of the Arabic mehndi designs are simple, and anyone who is not a professional can comfortably create these styles. Arabic Mehndi designs differ from the traditional Indian Mehndi in several ways. Firstly, while the Indian Mehndi apply to the entire hand including palms and wrists, the Arabic one is less elaborate and focus on the mehndi designs only.

Secondly, since Arabic mehndi style is simple, they consume less amount of henna and dry up faster so that one does not have to mehndi designs overnight.

Mehendi Designs

Thirdly, most of the Arabic mehndi designs feature vines and dots which are mesmerizing patterns as compared to other mehndi motifs. Veil and tower design This particular style appears just like a tattoo. The mehndi designs begin at the fingertips, and the mehndi designs designs run through the fingers.


Meanwhile, the towers start from the palm to your hand. This stunning Arabic Mehndi motif mehndi designs applicable on your hands and will mehndi designs for any form of ceremony. Boldly beautiful This particular mehndi motif encompasses a blend of paisley and floral motifs that have bangle like styles making it one of a kind.


The strikingly beautiful mehndi designs represents one of the Simple Arabic mehndi designs for left hand considering that it is neither too full nor less. Even without being too full or less, the styles make one's hands appear filled up and attractive without many mehndi designs details.

As mehndi designs, the design is an easy and best way to beautify the top or back of your hands, fingers, and wrist. Most women love the flowers and leave mehndi designs designs as they signify the beauty of nature and a more elegant look.

Because of this, flowers and leaves motifs fall under Easy Arabic mehndi designs as evidenced in these photos that show the models in simple Arabic mehndi designs for left hand and right leg.

In fact, mehndi application ceremony is one of the much-awaited rituals of the wedding event that often takes more than one day.

Latest & Simple Indian, Pakistani & Arabic Mehndi Designs

During these rituals, people apply mehndi on their full hands, back, and also their legs. Here are three favorite bridal mehndi motifs for full hands and back that will blow your mind. The Raja and Rani The Raja and Rani design is a popular choice for many brides because the motif displays the images of a king and his queen from the Mughal mehndi designs.

Intricate patterns draw around the two faces to make this bridal Mehndi design stand out, even more. The royal architecture The core attraction with this design includes the split mehndi designs checked patterns.


This mehndi motif base on the detailed architectural models of the Mughal palaces found all over India. The domes and floral models are similar to the carved pillars spotted at such royal houses.

Mehndi designs Royal Reception iii.