Dear Mina, Please check out. HH Pope Shenouda III's reply concerning the theological and dogmatic opinions of the late Fr. Matta El-Meskeen. Father Matta El Meskeen or Matthew the Poor, born Youssef Iskandar (20 September – 8 June ) was an Egyptian Coptic Orthodox monk. He was the  ‎Early life · ‎Controversy · ‎Relationship with Pope · ‎Quotations. Yusuf Iskander, monk: born Benha, Egypt 1 November ; clothed a monk , taking the name Matta El Meskeen; died Cairo 8 June


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Matta El-Meskeen

Quote Is there a way where I can get any of those books? I matta el meskeen not sure how far the translation of Matta's books into English have progressed.

As for arabic books, you can always find them at the monastery of St.


Macarius' Monastery in Scetis Egypt - Other photos: He is considered by many to be a renowned Orthodox theologian, and was an author of voluminous texts on numerous topics, including biblical exegesis, ecclesiastical rites, matta el meskeen other spiritual and theological matters books, besides hundreds of journal articles.

Father Matta is celebrated by many Copts as a reformer and a prominent figure in recent Coptic history. Bishop Shenouda was chosen to matta el meskeen the Coptic Pope of Alexandria. Father Matta and Pope Shenouda share some common history.

Matta El-Meskeen - OrthodoxWiki

Both participated in the Sunday school movement and Matta was Shenouda's confessor in the s. But more recently, some misunderstandings between both leaders and their followers [8][9][10] matta el meskeen, [11] have surfaced, e.

Quotations[ edit ] "Whenever physical hunger turned cruel against me, I found my gratification in prayer. Whenever the biting cold of matta el meskeen was unkind to me, I found my warmth in prayer.

Whenever people were harsh to me and their harshness was severe indeed I found my comfort in prayer.

Fr. Matta el Maskeen (Matthew the Poor)

In short, prayer became my food and my drink, my outfit and my armor, whether by night or by day. The true joy of the Church lies in leaders who possess spiritual insight, who matta el meskeen ahead of their flocks so that the flocks can follow a sure path.

It is not possible to obtain spiritual insight by action or study, spiritual insight is matta el meskeen by silence, retreat and long prayers in their various stages. Gethsemane and the problem of suffering PDF Let us consider this: If a sinful man suffers and is oppressed by a certain amount of pain, it is because this is the law of sin.

Matta El Meskeen

And if a good man suffers more than an evil man, it is because the law of sin holds sway over them both; in the rule of sin there is no just distribution. Transferred to the Monastery of the Virgin Mary Al-Seryian in Wadi El-Natroun the matta el meskeen Desert of Scete in matta el meskeen, he was entrusted by the Bishop of the Monastery to lead the community of monks as their spiritual father.

Inhe was chosen as Vicar of the Coptic Patriarch in Alexandria. However, he resigned after 18 months only to return to his seclusion.


He went back in to his original monastery in Upper Egypt, followed by his disciples the monks 12 monks. Later, they preferred to live as hermits deep matta el meskeen the open wilderness of the Western Desert, 60 kilometers beyond the Fayoum, known as Wadi El-Rayyan.