Welcome to the official website of Honor Raconteur. To those of you who are already familiar with my first series, the Advent Mage Cycle, you'll be well prepared  ‎Gallery · ‎Advent Mage Series · ‎Artifactor Series · ‎Deepwoods Series. Jaunten (Advent Mage Cycle Book 1) - Kindle edition by Honor Raconteur. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The books are basically written in chronological order. The only exception to this is that Dragon's Mage and Lost Mage happen at the same time in the timeline.


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No threat to their nation. No real driving force.

Sad to say this series looks like a bust. In between whatever event, there is a lot of filler. Filler is good if it is entertaining and shed more light on magus honor raconteur or the world around.

Advent Mage Series - From the Desk of Honor Raconteur

However Garth and all they characters are simply boring. Even the talking horse is boring, he just whines and doesn't really add a different perspective despite being a horse.

  • Magus (Advent Mage Cycle, book 2) by Honor Raconteur
  • See a Problem?

They are Canadians meaning they are super super nice and the banter magus honor raconteur Seems like nothing really happens in the book or the author is taking his sweet time building up to events. They are Canadians meaning they are super super nice and the banter are pretty inane.


That can be ok, but the plot is meandering and not too exciting either. The magic system is not very creative either and everyone just does it.

The mage just thinks it. Below is a short blurb: Once upon a time, there was a dragon… Take one newly trained Fire Mage.

Have him leave home and venture into the Empire of Sol. Add one powerful, curious, fire-eating dragon. Fire Mage Haikrysen never imagined that he would be adopted out of the blue by a dragon.


Still, he likes his new home and adores his dragon companion—even if she does hoard magus honor raconteur and eats whole sheep for breakfast. But his peaceful days end abruptly when an arsonist starts torching the eastern section of the empire, his attacks becoming progressively bigger and faster.

Similar authors to follow

Krys, Kaya, and his partner Mari are sent to investigate, but they have no idea what the aim of the arsonist is, and very little knowledge of the magus honor raconteur. Desperate, the three of them race against time to catch the madman before he burns a path across the whole empire, and everyone in it.

Freezing mid-step, Magus honor raconteur stared in disbelief. There, standing very calmly in front of me, was a Gardener.

From the Desk of Honor Raconteur - Home

Busted buckets, his voice and presence in my head was overwhelming. How had Garth done this?


And several times to boot! We awakened a mage and have given her the task of restoring the land. We task you, Riicshaden.

Magus (Advent Mage Cycle, #2) by Honor Raconteur

You must find her. You must protect her. Magus honor raconteur is very precious and if she dies, there will not be another to replace her. Weather Mage Riicbeccaan has a plan. As plans go, this is a pretty good one. Officially, she needs to go into the Khobunter-Libendorf area to figure out what is messing with her weather patterns.