M. Halid Kuscu. Mobile Government Consortium International. Nobel Drive Suite La Jolla USA. Tel: [email protected] Definition of M-Government: This is a mode of e-Government where access to public services is provided using mobile devices such as mobile phones. Abstract: Mobile Government (m-Government) is the use of mobile technologies within the government administration to deliver public services to citizens and.


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SMS is also being m government, for example, to get citizens involved in the fight against crime and illegal drugs.


This is also the m government in many individual nations, including 49 middle-income and 36 low-income countries. According to a recent study, the population of global SMS users will grow to 1.

M-Government - OECD

While mobile devices are excellent access devices, most of them, particularly mobile phones, are not m government for the transmission of complex and voluminous information. Despite the emergence of more sophisticated handsets, mobile phones m government not have the same amount of features and services as PC-based Internet applications.

For example, SMS limits messages to characters, whereas email allows a m government infinite quantity of characters and multimedia content. Internet-connected PCs are still the preferred device to take part in online political discussions, to search for detailed public sector information, and m government transact most types of e-government service.

What is M-Government

Mobile m government also rely on good back office M government infrastructure and work processes: In both cases, the device used by the public is quick and convenient.

But it is just the tip of an iceberg: Underneath is a complex and costly infrastructure that is required in order to make that final delivery device work.


The project was initially funded and managed by the M government Telecommunications Organisation as m government of the UK Department for International Development 's "Building Digital Opportunities" programme. It is also used for municipality voting or getting citizens consent on any issue.


m government Philippines[ edit ] M government mobile phone penetration in Philippines is Here m-government applications include G2C and also more interactive C2G applications. Reporting Criminal Offense — This service is launched in by Philippine National Police to enable citizens to report criminal offenses by criminals as well as Police to the relevant authorities.

EGovernment for Development - mGovernment: Mobile/Wireless Applications in Government

India [2] [ edit ] India's Ministry of Communication and Information TechnologyDepartment of Electronics and Information Technology DeitY has announced plans for all its department and agencies to develop and deploy mobile applications to provide all their services through mobile devices.

Following are the main measures laid down by DeitY: Open standards shall be adopted for mobile applications for ensuring the interoperability of applications across various operating systems and devices as per the Government Policy on Open M government for e-Governance. All Government Departments and M government shall develop and deploy mobile applications for providing all their public services through mobile devices to the extent feasible on the m government platform.

They shall also specify the service levels for such services.

To m government adoption and implementation of the framework in time bound manner the government will m government Mobile Service Delivery Gateway MSDG that is the core infrastructure for enabling the availability of public services in through mobile devices.

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