Hi, I have just installed wegoigo (for android) and I am trying to find SGF files to practice life and death problems. Are there any archives of free. It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be Booklet, Mobile, Difficulty, Problems. This is a collection of almost three thousand problems from Encyclo- pedia of Life and Death by Cho Chikun. The problems come without solutions for two.


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But many life and death problems are put off by this because they lack a workable approach to tackling challenging problems. I have found that working life and death problems requires patience more than anything else.

This post then is all about process and patience for new players.

One Thousand and One Life-and-Death Problems

The answer is that you let process and patience do their jobs until the answer is clear. The method or process is easy but can seem hard when we try to apply it to problems that stretch us.

life and death problems


Then continue making moves for both you and your opponent until you prove that your moves are correct or incorrect. They are correct if you are able to kill or live depending on the objective of the problem despite any attempt by your opponent life and death problems foil your plans.

I 1 Dan did a bit more than one hour over the first life and death problems in two intervals - waiting in a queue, so not really trying to break my record. So it's fair to say that they take me less than 20 seconds to solve, subtracting the time used for flipping pages and verifying the answers.


I got three wrong out of I do have one severe criticism of the book. The solution diagrams are accompanied by two lines of comments that are mere variations on the theme "After Black 1, there is no way for White to kill".

Life and Death at Sensei's Library

Only very occasionally avoiding ko is mentioned and exceptionally a wrong first move is indicated. I have nothing against solution diagrams without comments: I rely on the knowledge of the Life and death problems Ki-in in this case.

But if the writers do add comments, they should be worthwhile.

Not to imply that your criticism isn't valid, but to be fair to the author he does warn the reader in the Preface. In order to include so many problems in a limited number of pages, the explanations are minimal. The reader should make the effort to verify that the answer to each problem is indeed the best and most profitable life and death problems to prove to himself that any other move fails to achieve the stated objective.


This effort is also part of the practice that these problems provide. And about life and death problems 'avoiding ko' point: That is, an answer that leads to a ko is a failure unless Black can live or kill by creating a double ko. The level of the first move problems must be below 1 Dan I can solve them and I am no 1 Dan.

Information • Life In 19x19

I would estimate them as being 10 kyu to 5 kyu. The last problems, Five moves life and death problems, Black to kill, are considerably more difficult than the first This fits in with Kato Masao 's statement in Attack and Kill that killing is considerably harder than living.

I think the difficulty is not higher then "Graded Go Problems for Beginners III and IV" Weiss I concur that the moves are of low level, Velobici, he means they are indeed low, he stated he is 1d and did many in a short time, not that the life and death problems are 1d, if I am correct Dieter.

The 3 move problems inspire reading ahead, and I definitely value this book for reading after the Graded Go Problem series.

I agree with Dieter's comment's on the shortness of the comments.