Translations in context of "un bus informatique" in French-English from Reverso Context: matériel informatique intelligent destiné à lire et écrire. In computer architecture, a bus is a communication system that transfers data between components inside a computer, or between computers. This expression  Missing: informatique ‎| ‎Must include: ‎informatique. EN FR English French translations for Bus informatique. Search term Bus informatique has one result. Jump to. FR, French, EN, English. Bus informatique · Bus.


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A phone line connection scheme is not considered to be a bus with respect to signals, but the Central Office uses buses with cross-bar switches for connections between phones.

Bus informatique translation - English French translation of Bus informatique

Anecdotally termed the "digit trunk", [4] they were named after electrical power buses, or busbars. Almost always, there was one bus for memory, and one or more separate buses for peripherals.

These were les bus informatique by les bus informatique instructions, with completely different timings and protocols. One of the first complications was the use of interrupts.

This was a waste of time for programs that had other tasks to do. Also, if the program attempted to perform those other tasks, it might take too long for the program to check again, resulting in loss of data. Engineers thus arranged for the peripherals to interrupt the CPU.


les bus informatique The interrupts had to be prioritized, because the CPU can only execute code for one peripheral at a time, and some devices are more time-critical than others. High-end systems introduced the idea of channel controllerswhich were essentially small computers dedicated to handling the les bus informatique and output of a given bus.

Un bus informatique - Translation into English - examples French | Reverso Context

Other high-performance vendors like Control Data Corporation implemented les bus informatique designs. Generally, the channel controllers would do their best to run all of the les bus informatique operations internally, moving data when the CPU was known to be busy elsewhere if possible, and only using interrupts when necessary.

This greatly reduced CPU load, and provided better overall system performance. Later computer programs began to share memory common to several CPUs.

Access to this memory bus had to be prioritized, as well. The simple way to prioritize interrupts or bus access was with a daisy chain.

In this case les bus informatique will naturally flow through the bus in physical or logical order, eliminating the need for complex scheduling.

les bus informatique Minis and micros[ edit ] Digital Equipment Corporation DEC further reduced cost for mass-produced minicomputersand mapped peripherals into the memory bus, les bus informatique that the input and output devices appeared to be memory locations.

This was implemented in the Unibus of the PDP around Memory and other devices would be added to the bus using the same address and data pins as the CPU itself used, connected in parallel.

Communication was controlled by the CPU, which read and wrote data from the devices as if they are blocks of memory, using the same instructions, all timed by a central clock controlling the speed of the CPU.

For instance, a disk drive controller would signal the CPU that les bus informatique data was ready to be read, at which point the CPU would move the data by reading the "memory location" les bus informatique corresponded to the disk drive.

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Almost all early microcomputers were built in this fashion, starting with the S bus in the Altair computer system. These simple bus systems had les bus informatique serious drawback when used for general-purpose computers.

All the equipment on the bus had to talk at the same speed, as it shared a single clock. Increasing the speed of the CPU becomes harder, because the speed of les bus informatique the devices must increase as well.