Koto Ryu KoppoJutsu (Shoden no Kata) Performed By: Sensei Mohammed Samy " Mori Hattori " Bujinkan. Ninjutsu Bujinkan Soke Masaaki Hatsumi Koto Ryu & Koppojutsu + Techniques. 3 years ago The first and basic level of koryu Kata in Koto ryu – Shoden level The densho (scrolls) are arranged in a particular order, and each waza (technique), kata  ‎History and background · ‎Koto ryu characteristics · ‎The Kamae of Kurai dori.


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So since then, the Koto Ryu and Koto ryu densho Ryu, follow the same lineage. Traditionally only the next soke was taught the Koto Ryu, whereas any student could have been taught the Gyokko Ryu.

Terms in Koto-Ryu 虎倒流 – Classical Martial Arts Research Academy

However, there are instances of many ninja knowing both, so it would appear koto ryu densho this was not a steadfast rule. Koto Ryu is a hard natured discipline, so it really requires conditioning and tough training.

In his self biography he has written that he got hard koto ryu densho and toes by hitting stone and gravel until the blood came through the finger and toenails. Shako Ken claw hand is one of the strikes koto ryu densho is used in Koto Ryu. Even for example, those that practice Taichi Chuan, Chigong, they have a certain kind of flexibility.

Koto Ryu Densho | Nick Tomlinson -

So flexibility is the key, and also a certain type of muscle, a koto ryu densho long muscle. Actually what you practice is the inner muscle.


It is the inner muscle that allows you to move from sitting to standing without showing anything. The methods that did not work koto ryu densho out with its inventor.

Hatsumi Sensei is currently the 18th generation of the head Soke Koto Ryu. The koto ryu densho of these old schools can not compare with modern methods that are often paper products of a single person, with simple techniques recorded in a graduation compendium.