Buch | Kontrabass. 11,85 €. Spezialauftrag Spezialauftrag. Gewöhnlich Format: Noten | Instrumentalmusik. An inventive and accessible pizzicato work for the. Noten für Kontrabass von Paul Chambers: "Secret Chambers" A Comparative Analysis Of Paul Chambers' Bebop Style. Verlag: Aebersold. Über Noten. Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag Der Lehrer des Kontrabass-Spiels, Heft 1. Findeisen, Theodor Albin ISMN 12,00 €*. DETAILS. NEW.


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The edition of this unaccompanied solo work comes in at 77 pages, 17 of which are explanations of the notation and performance instructions. There are a couple of other pages devoted kontrabass noten a Preface and a photo of Mr. Upon opening kontrabass noten score, the second thing one notices is that Suite I is a complex composition.

As the pages are brimming with conventional and unconventional kontrabass noten symbols, the need for 17 pages of instructions becomes apparent. However, what one may not notice at first or even second glance is that this is an important new work for the double bass.

It may be a masterpiece. Grillo employs the rhythm of a particular dance; at other times he suggests or freely interprets the rhythm. The printed page contains two layers of information.

Blues for Bass

The first layer is conventional: The second layer is a collection of graphic symbols that kontrabass noten the performer into an extremely detailed bowing technique that explores sound parameters such as attack, length, release, articulation, bow speed, pitch, vibratos, dynamics, timbre, harmonics, and more.

Scrupulously observing this notation will reveal a highly original sound world. In the words of Salvatore Sciarrino, from the Preface: Fernando Grillo cannot be placed in either of these two categories but, rather, he summarizes and goes beyond kontrabass noten.

He represents that rare position of balance between physiology and thought, sound and language.

Bassico - Kontrabass, Minibass, Rockabilly, Jazz, Noten

There is much more to master than bowings, fingerings and expression. Suite I will take the performer on a journey of exploration and discovery. The rewards for this journey will be rich, as Suite I will take you into the heart of the double bass and kontrabass noten soul of the bow.

In the words of the composer: Considerable effort was taken to make the complex notation easy to kontrabass noten.

Blues for Bass (Bertram Turetzky) » Kontrabass Noten

In this edition of Suite No. The text is in Italian, English and German. The I of Suite I implies that kontrabass noten are additional Suites. Grillo is planning four more, each in a different style. Edition Kontrabass noten is encouraged to continue their respectful publication of each Suite, as they are composed.


A collection of five suites by Fernando Grillo would be a monumental contribution to the double kontrabass noten repertoire. Fernando Grillo kontrabass noten, der ersten Suite vier weitere in verschiedenen Stilarten folgen zu lassen.

Das waren noch Zeiten, als der Zeichenvorrat ausreichte, um damit Musik zu machen. Leider jedoch nicht so einheitlich wie bisher.

Kontrabass noten der Bogen bekommt ein ganzes Kompendium neuer Aufgaben: Ansatz, Dauer, Streichgeschwindigkeit oder Abhubabstand sind genauestens geregelt.

Die Techniken des Fingersatzes, inklusive mancher Streckungen in der Daumenlage, dazu die Dynamik und Klangfarbe unterliegen festen Vorschriften.