11 12 13 chronicle, Akram al-`Ulabi, has transcribed ila jihat al-ghuraba', “on the Side of the Strangers” as ila jihat al-gharb, “towards the West,” Ibn Sahih al-Bukhari, al-Tawhid, ; Sahih Muslim, al-Fadā'il, Abu Hamid al-Ghazāli, Ihya' 'ulum al-din, Book 11, “Kitāb adāb al-akl. Sahih Bukhari, al-Nikah, The Book of Marriage (Kitab Al-Nikah). INTRODUCTION. Marriage is a social institution as old as the human race itself. It may be defined as a relation between a. 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 Bukhari, Sahih: kitab nikah; bab kufrani al aishiri wa huwa al zauju ('to be ungrateful to.


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8. Prayers (Salat) - Sahih Al-Bukhari

She does not uncover our secrets but keeps them, and does not waste our provisions and does not leave the rubbish scattered everywhere in our house. On seeing her he divorced me and married her. Thereafter I married a noble man who used to ride a fast tireless horse and keep a spear in his hand.


He gave me many things, and also a pair of every kind of livestock and said, 'Eat of thisO Um Zar, and give provision to your relatives. Aisha said, "While the Ethiopians were playing with their small spears, Allah's Apostle screened me behind him and I watched that display and kept on watching till I left on my own.

I had been eager to ask 'Umar bin Al-Khattab about the two ladies from among the wives of the Prophet regarding whom Allah said 'If you two wives of the Prophet namely Aisha and Hafsa turn in repentance to Allah, your hearts are indeed so kitab al nikah sa hih bukhari to oppose what the Prophet likes.

On the way 'Umar went aside to answer the call of nature, and I also went aside along with him carrying a tumbler full of water, and when 'Umar kitab al nikah sa hih bukhari finished answering the call of nature, I poured water over his hands and he performed the ablution.

Then I said to him, "O chief of the Believers! Who were the two ladies from among the wives of the Prophet regarding whom Allah said: They were 'Aisha and Hafsa. He used to go one day and I another day.

Sahih Bukhari Kitab Al-Nikah

When I went, I would bring him the news of what had happened that day regarding the Divine Inspiration and other things, and when he went, he used to do the same for me.

We, the people of Quraish used to have the upper hand over our wives, but when we came to the Ansar, we found that their women had the upper kitab al nikah sa hih bukhari over their men, so our women also started learning the ways of the Ansari women.

I kitab al nikah sa hih bukhari at my wife and she retorted against me and I disliked that she should answer me back. She said to me, 'Why are you so surprised at my answering you back?

Sahih Bukhari : Book of "Marriage"

By Allah, the wives of the Prophet answer him back and some of them may leave does not speak to him throughout the day till the night. Don't you fear that Allah may get angry for the anger of Allah's Apostle and thus you will be ruined?

So do not ask more from the Prophet and do not answer him back and do not give up talking to him.

Ask me whatever you need and do not be tempted to imitate your neighbor i. My Ansari companion, on the day of his turn, went to the town and returned to us at night and knocked at my door violently and asked if I was there.

I became horrified and came out to him. He said, 'Today a great thing has happened. Have the people of Ghassan come?

kitab al nikah sa hih bukhari


Allah's Apostle; has divorced his wives. So I dressed myself and offered the morning prayer with the Prophet and then the Prophet; entered an upper room and stayed there in seclusion.

I entered upon Hafsa and saw her weeping. I asked, 'What makes you weep? Did I not warn kitab al nikah sa hih bukhari about that? Did the Prophet divorce you all?