Standar Keamanan Informasi. Anwar Siregar Senior Manager Business Development 19 May Information Security - Creating trust in digital WORLD. Midtrans telah menerapkan standar keamanan yang ditetapkan oleh PCI Standard kami agar kami dapat meminimalisir segala resiko keamanan yang dapat mengganggu Dapatkan ide, informasi, dan tips menarik seputar eCommerce. A new malware that runs on UNIX-like servers even with restricted privileges has already infected machines in Australia and is actively hunting.


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System preparedness and response capabilities that enable business continuity Responsibility for establishing solutions that prevent and mitigate system threats and vulnerabilities Increased customer expectations Economic impacts that require increased efficiencies on limited budgets Increased globalisation of supplies with a growing complexity of suppliers Ensuring adequate controls to address keamanan informasi, integrity and availability of information Threats keamanan informasi fraud, sabotage and viruses How confident are you that your company has the appropriate controls and procedures in place to avoid such incidents?


Some of the largest botnets run by online criminals today are monetized by mining. Even more importantly, such an attack does keamanan informasi require a user for the computers in order to make money.

For example, credit card keyloggers needed a user at the keamanan informasi to type in his payment details or ransom trojans needed a user to pay a ransom in order to regain access to his computer or his data.

Mining botnets just need processing power and a network keamanan informasi. Some of the upcoming crypto currencies do not need high-end GPUs to do the mining: When you combine that with the fact that home automation and embedded devices are becoming more and more common, we can make an interesting keamanan informasi Think botnets of infected printers or set-top boxes or microwave ovens.

Whether it makes sense or not, toasters with keamanan informasi computers and Internet connectivity will be reality one day. Before crypto currencies existed, it would have been hard to come up with a sensible reason for why anybody would want to write malware to infect toasters.

Keamanan Informasi – Page 12 – Keamanan Sistem Informasi

However, mining botnets keamanan informasi thousands of infected toasters could actually make enough money to justify such an operation.

Sooner or later, this will happen. Espionage Spying is about collecting information. When information was still written on pieces of paper, a spy had to physically go and steal keamanan informasi.

These days information is data on computers and networks, so keamanan informasi spying is often carried out with the help of malware.

Who spends money on spying? Companies and countries do.

Information security

In the most typical case, the attack is made through e-mail to a few carefully selected people or even a single person in the organization. The target receives what seems like an ordinary e-mail with an attached document, often from a familiar person. keamanan informasi

In reality, the whole message is a forgery. Keamanan informasi the recipient does not realize the e-mail is a forgery, the whole case will probably go unnoticed, forever.


These are also more likely keamanan informasi be viewed as safe documents by the recipient. In their standard form these file types do not contain executable code, so the attackers use vulnerabilities in applications like Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word to infect keamanan informasi computer when the booby-trapped documents are opened.


The structure of these keamanan informasi files has been deliberately broken so that it crashes the office application in use when opened, while simultaneously executing the binary code inside the document.

This code usually keamanan informasi two new files on the hard disk and executes them.

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The second new keamanan informasi is a backdoor program that starts immediately and hides itself in the system, often using rootkit techniques. It establishes a connection from the infected computer to a specific network address, anywhere in the world.

With the help of keamanan informasi backdoor the attacker gains access to all the information on the target computer, as well as the information in the local network that the targeted person has access to.