Quelques extraits de la merveilleuse adaptation des Cavaliers de Joseph Kessel, au Théâtre. Les Cavaliers (titre original: The Horsemen) est un film américain réalisé par John Frankenheimer, sorti en Il s'agit d'une adaptation du roman Les Cavaliers de Joseph Kessel,  Pays d’origine‎: ‎États-Unis. Buy Les Cavaliers by Joseph KESSEL (ISBN:) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.


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My liver is a bit fragile, but all is well!


What is your favourite book of exploration, and why? I would say Orinoco - Amazon, by Alain Gheerbrant.

It recounts his time in the mountain range of Sierra Pamira between and Beyond the remarkable literary and poetic qualities of the book, he recounts with a disarming simplicity and humility one of the boldest and most difficult expeditions of all time.

What is your joseph kessel les cavaliers movie about exploration and why?

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I just saw the documentary "North of the Sun", which pictures the adventures of two Norwegians who spend nine months in the Arctic Circle. They collect the waste washed up by the sea to build a cabin and spend their days surfing.

Book a book

The images are beautiful and the narrative poetic. After all your adventures, what joseph kessel les cavaliers the most dangerous situation you've met? While climbing a mountain, a large crack appeared on the surface of the mountain and the snow slab which held my rope threatened to fall.

If it had done so, we'd all have gone What is the greatest sacrifice you have made to become equestrian explorer? Or I have a selective memory, and I do not remember!

Les cavaliers by Joseph Kessel on Apple Books

And he gave me the book "The Horsemen"! I wanted to tell this extraordinary and universal story on stage; to highlight an era which spoke of values that we seek today in our daily lives.

To adapt, to play and joseph kessel les cavaliers this book alive! A story of man I tried to put myself in Joseph Kessel's shoes: I was taken on a journey through words and learned the sensitivity of this globetrotter.

For all my creations, I like to travel far and wide and discover people and cultures. Uraz was solely interested in and concerned about himself.

Les Cavaliers by Joseph Kessel

I have never been as disgusted by a main character as I was by this man. He was harsh, cruel, ignorant, deceitful, paranoid, and above all else, immature.

His one reason for living was to try to prove joseph kessel les cavaliers himself that he was a better man than his father Tursen, one of the most famous horsemen of the country. Uraz was just a thirty-something year old infant in an adult suit.

Everything that happens to him as the story goes along, from breaking his leg in a royal buzkashi game to the difficult journey he undergoes when he runs away from hospital, is due solely joseph kessel les cavaliers his own emotional immaturity and overall foolishness.

A Frenchman in Afghanistan

I wanted to smack him upside the head on nearly every page. Usually when I dislike a main character as much as this, I do not continue with the book, but I had to see what would happen, I had to see if joseph kessel les cavaliers would wise up at the end or continue being totally Uraz and nothing but that.

Besides that curiosity, I was enchanted by the trip through Afghanistan that reading this book gives. Set in modern times, at some unnamed date before the Soviet invasion of the country but after a time when the sound of planes passing joseph kessel les cavaliers no longer makes even the most isolated shepherds look up to the sky, The Horsemen will transport any reader with imagination to a country that fascinates.