11 Entrepreneurs Stories – Inspiring People That Found Startup Success We scoured the web for business success stories fraught with. If you're having 'one of those days', here are 10 inspiring stories of commitment, courage and hard-earned success to keep you pumping those business pedals. These stories are inspiring in their own way; but to me, it's even has accomplished feats of entrepreneurship and business management that.


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inspirational business stories Inhe opened a theme park called Palmersaurus that features over enormous dinosaur replicas. Mark Benioff Staged a Protest to Steal a Competitor's Spotlight Mark Benioff, one of the founders of Salesforce, is notorious for coming up with over-the-top and sometimes inflammatory marketing gimmicks.

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Most famously, he once orchestrated a fake protest at a Siebel Systems conference, complete with picket signs, chanting, and even a fake TV crew.

Inspirational business stories drummed up a lot of attention for Salesforce at his rival's expense.

On another occasion, Benioff arranged to rent an airport's entire taxi fleet right before another Siebel event was held nearby. He then had his employees pitch Salesforce on the way to the event, much to Siebel's displeasure.

Graham was an entrepreneur who invented shatter-proof lenses inspirational business stories eyeglasses.

Today, though, he's probably better remembered for the controversial sperm bank he started. Called the Repository for Germinal Choice, this sperm bank only accepted donations from people who were inspirational business stories extraordinary in some way.

Some were Nobel prize winners, some were geniuses, and some were gifted athletes. Graham's reason for starting the sperm bank?


He wanted to create a better human gene pool - a mission that inspirational business stories not go over well with many people, who compared his ideas to Nazi eugenics programs.

The sperm bank was closed intwo years after Graham's death.


It claimed to have produced children during its 19 years of operation. InSander was offered a rent free station to run by Shell oil company where he began to serve chicken dishes and other meals. Slowly his popularity grew and soon his service station became famous throughout Kentucky.

Life began to improve. Harland Sanders bought a service station, motel and cafe at Corbin, a town in Kentucky. He left Inspirational business stories, as manager of the North Corbin restaurant and motel. He started to work as assistant cafeteria manager in Tennessee.

In he divorced his first wife and in married Claudia. Restaurants sales lead to popularity of KFC and increase in income but life hit inspirational business stories on him once again, due to some reason his sales dropped drastically and he was forced to sell all his property to pay his debt.

At this time he started to think about all and upon reflection he decided that inspirational business stories can sell his recipe to other restaurants.


He wandered throughout U. Inshe and her newlywed husband started a company in their living room. Four kids and two businesses can tear a inspirational business stories of couples apart, but for us it only brought inspirational business stories closer together!

How would you react? A native of South Korea, Lee had to give two years of military service in order to maintain citizenship in his homeland. You may have a role or title, but in reality, you wear many hats and get to explore your strengths.

11 Entrepreneurs Stories – Inspiring People That Found Startup Success

He taught himself how inspirational business stories code and became an inspirational business stories success in the tech startup world. A true innovator, he founded IguanaFix because of how much he needed it in his own life. The platform is similar to TaskRabbit but focusing only on personal repair and home improvement services ranging from plumbing to electrical work.