The Indrajal Comics contain colorized versions of Mandrake stories, edited with expanded, reduced or omitted panels, to fit the format of the  ‎Issue overview · ‎Regular series. Documents Similar To indrajal comics - mandrake - mandrake and the black wizard. indrajal comics - phantom - the phantom and the impostor. Jump to Comic books - Mandrake the Magician was a syndicated newspaper comic strip, created by . Mandrake is popular in India through Indrajal Comics. Mandrake is featured together with the Phantom in The Phantom Annual #2.


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These are guarded by Mandrake indrajal comics mandrake his father Theron. Mandrake learned that The Cobra was secretly Luciphor, Theron's oldest son and thus Mandrake's half-brother. In later years, the Cobra abandoned his silver mask as his face had been reconstructed through surgery.

He is sometimes accompanied by his assistant Ud. Derek is Mandrake's twin brother who was similar to Mandrake in indrajal comics mandrake, used his magical powers nearly the equal of Mandrake's to achieve short-term personal satisfactions. Mandrake has tried to remove Derek's knowledge of magic; but has never entirely succeeded.

Derek has a son, Eric mother unknownwho has shown no signs of following in his father's footsteps. The Clay Camel, real name Saki, is a master of disguise, able to mimic anyone and change his appearance in seconds.

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His name comes from the symbol he leaves at the scenes of his crimes, a small camel made of clay. The Brass Monkey, daughter of the Clay Camel, with a similar talent for disguises.

Mandrake Comics | eBay

Aleena the Enchantress is a former friend of Mandrake's from the College of Magic, a much-married spoiled temptress who uses her magic powers for her own benefit.

She sometimes attempts to seduce Mandrake; but fails, and thereafter attempts to cause him trouble. They are known to often incorporate the number 8 in their crimes or leave the indrajal comics mandrake 8 as a mark.

They are organized like an octopus with eight arms headquarters spread all over the world, and one head the mysterious indrajal comics mandrake Octon, only shown as a menacing image on a computer screen.

Over the indrajal comics mandrake, Mandrake destroys their headquarters one by one. In one of the stories the Octon of 8 is revealed as Cobra; but the name later referred to an artificial intelligence wielded by Ming the Merciless in the television series Defenders of the Earth.

Ekardnam 'Mandrake' backwards is Mandrake's "evil twin", who exists on the other side of the mirror. Like his world where the government is run by the "Private of the Armies", and generals do menial workEkardnam is an exact opposite, and uses his "evil eye" to work his magic.

Indrajal comics mandrake Deleter is an extraterrestrial contract killer who will "delete" anyone for a price, but will inflict justice on anyone who tries to cheat him out of his contract fee.

Mandrake | Indrajal Comics

Nitro Cain a mad bomber who threw sticks of explosives at people, including Mandrake. The Mandrake comic strip appeared in the Australian newspaper "Sunday Telegraph.

The series was abruptly indrajal comics mandrake with the last panel showing that Nitro Cain had blown Mandrake off indrajal comics mandrake horse, with Mandrake exclaiming "Blast you, Nitro Cain", a clever reference to the explosive's blast.

Dell Comics published a Mandrake the Magician issue in their Four Color comic book series with various main characters.

Mandrake Comics

In —67, King Comics published ten issues of a Mandrake the Magician comic book. Mandrake stories also ran as back-up features in other King titles. Italian publisher Fratelli Spada produced a considerable indrajal comics mandrake of original Mandrake comic book stories in the s and s.

A few of these were even published in the American Mandrake comic indrajal comics mandrake mentioned above. Marvel released a Mandrake mini-series inwritten by Mike W.

Barr and with painted art by Rob Ortaleza.

However, only two of three planned issues were published. Mandrake is popular in India through Indrajal Comics.


This series pitted the six characters against the Cobra and Ming the Merciless.