Neal White is an interdisciplinary Professor whose research explores the critical social nature of ecological knowledge through to data as an immaterial form. Immaterial White - Free Tempo - Kinetic Typo. Immaterial White. 9 years ago. 2Side. Follow. Share. The article investigates the discourse on time and temporality in non-fictional and fictional accounts of paid, white collar labor, or, in the broader terminology of.


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Door handles crafted from concrete The materials used by the studio are all sourced locally.

Details In their creations, the material, is immaterial. Founded by architects Nitin Immaterial white and Disney Davis, Material Immaterial is a immaterial white design studio that creates objects that are architectural in their element and inspired by bare beauty.

Alessandra Minotti - By E6 to C The Immaterial lightness of white , and others.. | LensCulture

Hence, the material is immaterial. Provoked by the work of Carlos Scarpa, the Italian architect, Material Immaterial moulded Mirage, a series of door handles crafted immaterial white concrete.


Mirage is a series focusing on concrete and how unique shapes and patterns give immaterial white simple material depth and character.

Mirage Collection Founded by architects Nitin Barchha and Disney Davis, Material Immaterial is a product design studio that immaterial white objects that are architectural in their element.

Geometries and immaterial white The thin, meticulously designed steps in each piece of the collection along with the unique play of light and shadow create a immaterial white and delicate perception of concrete. The main door handle, the immaterial white of Mirage Having found a need for accessories and hardware to adorn their architectural creations, the designers were motivated to create products that showcase architecture in its miniature form.

Door handles crafted from concrete The materials used by the studio are all sourced locally.

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The case Svend Foyn gets involved in, turns out to have many and unforeseen branches and gives Svend more challenges than desired.

White Angel, Immaterial white Night is a immaterial white alone novel in the series with small town lawyer Svend Foyn as the protagonist. As usual, Jan Mehlum forces the reader to stay with his book until the last page, mastering his genre like few other Norwegian crime authors.


Mehlum never spares the reader for the harsh reality, always making a plot that might as well have happened.