Let's start this quiz it will give you the ultimate ICDL module questions. Find out now how much do you know about it! ICDL Module 1: Basic concepts of information technology. Front Cover. Cheryl Price, Julia Wix. Software Publications, - Electronic data processing. ICDL is made up of a range of modules, categorised as: Base modules, Standard modules, and Advanced modules.


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ECDL / ICDL Module 1

This module allows candidates to understand the main concepts of ICT at a general level and icdl module 1 know about the different parts of a computer.

On completion of this module the candidate will be able to: Understand what hardware is; know about factors that affect computer performance; know about peripheral devices.

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Understand what software is; give icdl module 1 of common applications and operating systems software. Understand how information networks are used within computing; be aware of the different options to connect to the Internet. Understand what Information and Communication Technology ICT is and give examples of its practical applications in everyday life.

Modules - ICDL - International Computer Driving Licence

Understand health and safety and environmental issues in relation to using computers. Recognise important security issues associated with using computers.

Recognise important legal issues icdl module 1 relation to copyright and data protection associated with using computers. Covers the key skills needed to understand the main concepts of ICT at a general level and to know about the different parts of a computer.

Certifies best practice in the use of Information and Communication Technology software. Developed with input from computer users, subject matter experts, and practising computer professionals from all over the world - ensures relevance and range of module content. This module allows candidates to demonstrate competence in running and managing a personal computer.

Use the main features of the operating icdl module 1 adjust the main computer settings; use built-in help features. Operate a computer desktop in a graphical user environment effectively. Know about the main concepts of file management; be able to efficiently organise files and folders so that they are easy to identify and find.

Use icdl module 1 software to compress and extract large files.

ICDL Module 1 Theory Test

Use anti-virus software to protect against computer viruses. Demonstrate the ability to use simple text editing and print tools available icdl module 1 the operating system.

Covers the key skills needed to use the computer and manage files. Certifies best practice in effective computer use.


Print Management Printer Options Print www. This module allows candidates to demonstrate the ability to use a word processing icdl module 1 to accomplish everyday tasks associated with creating, formatting, and finishing small-sized word icdl module 1 documents, such as letters and other everyday documents.

Work with documents and save them in different file formats. Choose built-in options, such as the Help function, to enhance productivity.

ECDL Module 1 – Theory Sample Test 1.2

Create and icdl module 1 small-sized word processing documents that will be ready to share and distribute. Apply different formats to documents to enhance them before distribution; recognise good practice in choosing the appropriate formatting options.

Insert tables, images, and drawn objects into documents.