Solved: Cannot download the attached document PDF to my phone? Can you tell me why When I try to download pdf file I received: download unsuccessful. I am having the same problem on the HTC Magic. . How to fix Samsung Galaxy S Unsuccessful Android Market Download and System. Some steps to help you with "Download unsuccessful" errors when trying to download I recently started getting “Download unsuccessful” errors on my Android I have a Samsung galaxy S2 my whatsapp worked perfect 3days ago then an.


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This error occurs unexpectedly, you may notice that your phone hangs or freeze suddenly and when you turn ON it again, you may see the encryption unsuccessful error screen.

To resume using your phone, you must perform a factory reset. So, below find out the two solutions to fix encryption htc pdf unsuccessful samsung error screen on Android.

How to Fix "Encryption Unsuccessful" Error on Android Devices

Fixing Encryption Unsuccessful Error by Factory Reset When you choose ahead to fix encryption unsuccessful message by Factory Reset method then be ready to lose all your data stored within the phone.

It is obvious that you can restore the backed up data however, the data that was not backed up on the Google Account or o the cloud htc pdf unsuccessful samsung be deleted permanently.

You will see the screen as the images shown below, you htc pdf unsuccessful samsung see that your device data is getting wiping. Once, the wiping data process complete, your phone will restart after few minutes.

Can't download PDF file "download unsuccessful" - OnePlus Community

Just wait for your phone to get restart. Finally, after your phone restart you have to just setup your Android device as you set up your new phone. If you have not htc pdf unsuccessful samsung backup of your data then immediately apply Android Data Recovery software to restore data htc pdf unsuccessful samsung Android after factory reset.

If above method fails or encryption unsuccessful reset phone not working or if you do not want to follow the above solution, then we have another solution for you. Find out the next solution below.


And flashing a new ROM will help you in getting rid of Android encryption unsuccessful issue. Though it sounds little complicated, but changing the ROM is very simple.


Just follow the steps mentioned below: This message appears, on the whole, go the main screen with only one option, i.

The entire error message reads as follows: As a result, the data on your phone is no longer accessible.

Google Play: “Download unsuccessful” Error Fix

To resume using your phone, you must perform a factory reset. Read ahead to find out why Android encryption unsuccessful error occurs and the ways to get rid of it. Why encryption unsuccessful error happens? Android encryption unsuccessful error can show up due to various issues in your device or its software but we cannot pinpoint a single reason.

Many Android users are of the opinion that encryption htc pdf unsuccessful samsung error happens when htc pdf unsuccessful samsung phone is unable to recognize its internal memory.

Corrupted and clogged cache is also one of the main reasons for Android encryption unsuccessful error. Such an error cannot get phone encrypt state, which means that encryption unsuccessful error forces your device not to encrypt normally and thus, causes an obstruction in using it.

Even when htc pdf unsuccessful samsung reboot your phone several times, the encryption unsuccessful message shows up every time.