(AUD inc. Tax). The Hoya Filter Case can accommodate up to 4 x 72mm filter. A great case to protect multiple filters in one convenient location More. The World's Finest Camera Filters from the World's Largest Optical Glass Manufacturer | Hoya. UV protection and Double-Sided Super Hard Coat are standard on all HOYA lenses HOYA offers your business and staff the opportunity to build their lens.


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Make your hoya catalogue towards Sensity Shine: Sensity Shine lenses also deliver extra darkness when outdoors A new categoryin opticsRegular frames and lenses can be customised only to a certaindegree.

The frame and fitting are a given, and lenses have to beadjusted to suit them — potentially compromising visual accuracy. hoya catalogue


To address this problem, Hoya has developed Yuniku, a hoya catalogue in 3D tailored eyewear that is designed entirely aroundthe optimal vision of the wearer. Partnering with world class frame suppliers to ensure optimum style and quality. Hoya catalogue details remain clearly visible when lightconditions are far from optimal.

Reflect your style Light MirrorAppearance is everything!

In line with the hoya catalogue fashion trends, Hoya offers Mirrora mirror coating in three eyecatching colour variations: Together with the new Light Mirror tints, the range now consists of 7 mirror For availability see the Appendix or catalogue product pages.

Hoya Hoya catalogue is available across all designs and comes with a concaveanti-reflection coating.

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Polarised Dynamic is also ideal hoya catalogue winter sports, water sports including fishing and beach Dark Brown Grey-green Smoke Grey activitieshiking and biking.

The ServiceHoya FastTrack provides a guaranteed 1 day despatch and guaranteed 2 day delivery to UK mainland addresses service on selectedFree Form uncut lenses. These can also be remote edged hoya catalogue a guaranteed 2 day despatch and guaranteed 3 day delivery to UKmainland addresses service.


hoya catalogue Service Time CalendarUse the table below hoya catalogue a guide to delivery time; the table shows the total days from order to despatch. For full Service Time Calendar see page Reaction times published are for Rx lenses only.

Stock lenses may For full Service Time Calendar see page Stock and Rx lenses when ordering a pair.


Stock Range Same day despatchUseful Information: Stock lenses For full Service Time Calendar see page Stock Range Useful Information: Additionally, please supply the measured working distance Due to the advanced optics we recommend using a small aperture focimeter lens rest.

Hoya catalogue commitments hoya catalogue the removal of lead, arsenic and other non-environmentally friendly chemicals. Our goal is to leverage our technology to fulfill our customers' needs, while contributing to hoya catalogue environment and society.

Hoya Vision Worldwide

Products Following three types of production method: Direct Pressed Blanks DP Direct pressed blanks are formed by fully automatic process of direct casting and pressing.

The DP product is superior to the RP product in dimensional accuracy in outside diameter thickness, etc. Re-heat Pressed Blanks Hoya catalogue Re-heat pressed hoya catalogue are formed by a manually press method through a glass cutting and glass softening process.

Rolled and Sliced Blanks RS Rolled and Sliced blanks are formed from glass rod material which has been precisely rounded off and hoya catalogue.