Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Step by step DIY boutique hair bow tutorial. Stop wasting money on expensive hair bows and learn how to make your own. No sew big hair. Basic Boutique Hair Bow If anyone knows me and my hair bow addiction this is going . How To Make A Twisted Boutique Hair Bow - The Ribbon Retreat Blog.


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Secure the center with wire or your preferred method for maximum hold and pull as tight as possible with pliers. Trim the tails however you like.

Jumbo 8 inch boutique hair bow!

I cut mine at an angle and heat sealed the ends to prevent them from fraying. I like to tie a simple knot, but without pulling too tight.


I like the appearance and shape this creates as the center point of my 4 generously sized loops. Attach your ribbon knot to your bow using your hot glue gun.

I like to use glue all the way around the entire center to make it more secure.

Ribbon - Grosgrain, Satin, Glitter & more!

Use plenty how to make boutique hair bows hot glue to keep both the ribbon and clip firmly in place, but not too much so you may avoid glue oozing out and how to make boutique hair bows messy. Now I am going to measure this beautiful Bubblegum pink jumbo hair bow to make sure it lives up to its name… WOW!!

The pic above shows us from end to end this bows is measuring approx 8 inches indeed! These are definitely the largest boutique style bows I make and should by all means satisfy big bow fans of all ages!

Using on hand to wrap the ribbons and one hand to hold everything secure in the middle of the bow follow the pictures and diagram below.

Start with one end of the ribbon in the middle and wrap it up and then around to the other side and over.

How to Make a Basic Boutique Hair Bow

The pink from the diagram is the right side of the ribbons and the purple is the underneath. Once you have half of the ribbon like the bow diagram on the left keep going and cross over to fold the other half of the ribbon.

Once you have finished folding your ribbon to create the bow use your hands to how to make boutique hair bows the two sides and secure with your fingers.

Take your already cut piece of fishing line or thread and wrap it around the middle of the bow and knot.

Repeat and finish with a double knot to make sure it is secure. Cut a 6 inch piece of the 1.

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Squeeze open the clip and apply hot glue to the top portion of the clip then place the ribbon on it and let the clip clamp shut. Make the bottom loop of the figure 8 just like you did with the top loop.

How to Make a Basic Boutique Hair Bow

Again, if you are leaving tails, allow them to go past the middle mark for the desired length. Bring the top of the upper loop down to the center and hold in the middle cross area.

Bring the bottom loop up to the center and place over the middle cross area.