The latest Tweets from Historical Materialism Journal (@histmat). Leading journal of critical Marxist theory and research. Based at University of London. Historical Materialism and the National Development Question in Nigeria. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences ISSN (Print) ISSN. The objectives of this study are: review the aims and assumptions of Dialectical and Historical Materialism as a framework within Critical Paradigm; and discuss.


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We offer space for theoretical reflection and serious theoretical debate, we do not tolerate sectarian polemics, and we insist that comradely and civil standards of debate are respected, even when people have historical materialism journal and passionate disagreements.


We are also keen to create a space of discussion in which theory and politics can historical materialism journal grow together; but as the young Marx teaches us, that means not only that theory should go towards politics, but also that politics should come towards theory.

I think that our attempt to build the Historical Materialism conferences as a distinctive space of theoretical reflection on the Left has been successful if we judge by the number of people who come to the conferences regularly year after year and have identified these conferences as important spaces for the development of their own work.

I think the combination of these elements indicates that Historical Materialism has played a small modest role of leadership in promoting new models of discussion and debate on the Left; but it also indicates that there was a readiness amongst the left and amongst Marxists around the world to work together towards finding these new forms historical materialism journal debate historical materialism journal discussion.

I think that one of the reasons for such an interest has also been the fact that the upturn in social struggles over the last decade has been accompanied by a renewed need for theoretical clarification and preparation for future struggles.

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GS The conferences have succeeded at creating a new solid radical milieu around them. Historical materialism journal else has HM accomplished? PT I think we have helped to create a space where there are ongoing discussions from one year to the next, which has led to the historical materialism journal of new and collective research projects out of Historical Materialism conferences.

That has occurred not only in the sense of publications being produced, journal articles, edited collected volumes, and so forth, but also in terms of other conferences emerging from those workshops and seminars.

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For a long period, in the s and s, the bridges of the international left collapsed and there was very little regular exchange between different national-theoretical cultures, with some important exceptions.

We have attempted to create a space where there is more regular and historical materialism journal contact between different cultures.

The success of these efforts up to now is obviously only partially due to historical materialism journal efforts of the Historical Materialism editorial board; equally if not more important has been the enthusiasm with which people have responded to our initiatives, which is what has made them such a success.

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Another distinctive feature of the conference of Historical materialism journal Materialism this year in London was the fact that a lot of panels focused on discussions regarding the current feminist trends. I think this is a fundamental and decisive development, and one towards which we have been working for very many years.

Historical materialism journal have been trying for over a decade to reinitiate the Marxist-feminist discussions which, for many difficult reasons, in some countries and some cultures on the Left internationally, had fallen apart after the upsurge of very interesting work in the s and s.

In some cultures, such as Germany, there was a continuing Marxist-feminist dialogue that was very productive, and continues today to produce important new work.

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In English-speaking world, for different reasons, historical materialism journal was a collapse of the important and integral contacts between important sections and Marxist and feminist theory. Today, though, we are witnessing a new generation of young women — but also of queer theorists and people from other traditions — engaging with these questions and making an essential contribution to the new theoretical debates.

In my personal opinion, any future vibrant Marxist theory historical materialism journal necessary simultaneously be a socialist feminist-Marxist theory. We cannot develop Marxist theory without this central component, without theorizing one of the core areas of capitalist exploitation and oppression.

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We are continuing to promote these discussions and debates and make them not simply one part or one disciplinary area of Marxist discussions, but absolutely fundamental to debates in all areas of Marxist theory.

The response that we have received over the last years to these initiatives indicates that there is a lot of energy, particularly amongst younger socialist feminist theorists, to expand this historical materialism journal.

GS Historical materialism journal from the Historical Materialist initiative to something closer to your recent research interests, the tradition of Western Marxism.


PT The concept of Western Marxism is a very fertile and also very problematic concept. Notions of war of positions and war of maneuver were widely discussed by Historical materialism journal and Trotsky, for instance.

So, as a historical materialism journal category, I think that there are some problems with the notion of Western Marxism — problems that today, in changed political circumstances, we should perhaps revisit and rethink, while attempting to develop other concepts to understand the different phases of the development of Marxist theory in the twentieth century.