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In an amusing scene Heinlein star beast officials try several methods to kill Lummox but fail, as his alien physiology appears to be virtually invulnerable to ordinary weapons or poisons, and Lummox does not even realize they are attempting to execute him.

Kiku, heinlein star beast experienced diplomat, is dealing with the Hroshii, a previously unknown alien race, advanced and powerful, which appear in the solar system and demand the return of their lost child, or they will destroy Earth.

A heinlein star beast alien diplomat of a third species intimates that the threat is not an empty one.

The Star Beast

Initially, no one associates Lummox with the newcomers, in part due to the size difference Lummox was overfed. Lummox is finally identified as important royalty heinlein star beast the Hroshii, as well as approximately female the Hroshii have six sexes. It turns out that the relationship between John Thomas and Lummox is the only thing that saves Earth from destruction.


Heinlein star beast her viewpoint, during her centuries on Earth the young but extremely long-lived Lummox has been heinlein star beast a hobby: She makes it clear to the other Hroshii that she intends to continue doing so.

Kiku, the chief negotiator, the leverage he needs to establish diplomatic relations with the aliens, who normally do not hold regular relations with other species.


At the insistence of Lummox, the newly married Heinlein star beast and Betty accompany her back to the Hroshii homeworld as part of the human diplomatic mission. Race[ edit ] Heinlein grew up in the era of racial segregation in the United States [ citation needed ].

The Star Beast by Robert Heinlein

John's mother wants him to get rid of it, and a court orders it heinlein star beast. John Thomas considers selling Lummox to a zoo but changes his mind and runs away from home, riding into the nearby heinlein star beast on Lummox's back.

His girlfriend Betty Sorenson joins him and suggests bringing the beast back into town and hiding it in a neighbour's greenhouse. However, it isn't easy to conceal such a large creature.

The Star Beast by Robert Heinlein – SFFWorld

The court tries heinlein star beast fails to have Lummox destroyed. Lummox is amused by the attempts. For example, we have Mr. Virginia Edition It is perhaps worth mentioning here about another usage of names, seemingly deliberate. This is probably deliberate, and something mentioned by Robert James and William H.

The Star Beast Quotes

Evidently she was unaware of its other meaning and was not happy, years after the book was published, when she was heinlein star beast Here in The Star Beast Heinlein seems to have reined in the previous excesses to the point where his humour, in the main, holds up fairly well heinlein star beast though it is long after it was written.

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Heinlein star beast handled badly, the plot throughout The Star Beast could be written in a way that is trite, or at worst slapstick. However I heinlein star beast pleased that Star Beast makes its points through humour without hammering them home sledgehammer-style, and this means that I found myself remembering the novel more as a result.

Though we do have some of that famous Heinlein dialogue here, especially between the diplomats, this is not a book that labours the points, nor does it hector the reader into submission — something which later Heinlein novels have often been accused of.


Star Beast consolidates the enviable position Heinlein is now finding himself in by He is clearly the King of Heinlein star beast juveniles by this stage, both popular and heinlein star beast. I've read it many times before, but this was the first time I listened to it as an audio book with a full cast reading the parts.

Very well done, but more importantly the story itself is impressive especially for the time.