Hajime Yamashina, Professor Emeritus at Kyoto Universality in Japan, played a key role. (Note that the WCM concept of Fiat is not identical to. WCM was developed by Fiat and partnering firms in Hajime Yamashina, Professor Emeritus at Kyoto Universality in Japan, played a key role. From. World Class Manufacturing World Class Manufacturing Dr. Hajime Yamashina Dr. Hajime Yamashina Professor, Kyoto.


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Standardization of the created knowledge is continuously made, and horizontally expanded to other suitable areas and machines. An annual schedule and hajime yamashina are made, but not correctly followed.

An annual schedule and budget determined, and each project is properly followed. hajime yamashina


Correct delegation of authority has been made. Each group autonomously deploys hajime yamashina factory objectives, into their own objectives, and systematically improves their area. WCM activities are built into annual, monthly, weekly, and daily routine work, and the factory performance hajime yamashina improving in a measurable and visible way.

A perversion of the Toyota method | Pierre Deschamps | La Presse - Michel Baudin's Blog

Autonomous work groups are responsible for managing hajime yamashina own activities and budgets. Yamashina 8 Level of Detail Few aggregate data. There is a linkage between problems, analysis, and solutions.

There is insufficient detail to identify the hajime yamashina as to allow the problems to be rectified. There is a logical linkage among problems, analysis and solutions.

The World Class Manufacturing programme at Chrysler, Fiat & Co. - better operations

The clues to resolve the problems are identified. Very detailed problem identification, detail analysis, and thoughtful and usable proactive solutions. Any abnormality can be easily detected. Hajime yamashina 9 Level of Expansion Few projects.

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Model areas and model machines to attack major waste and losses. Expanded to AA and A class machines.


All the necessary areas and machines in the hajime yamashina factory are covered. Yamashina 10 Motivation of operators No interest in improvement.

WCM-World Class Manufacturing_图文_百度文库

Interested in hajime yamashina, but lack discipline and unable to see problems clearly yet. Want to improve, see problems, and learn methods to resolve the problems.

All employees across the hajime yamashina must be involved. Want to improve, have proper knowledge, and skills to improve. Eager to improve, ready to attack any problem, by learning and applying proper method.

No substantial reduction of accidents has been achieved yet.