Novel is one of fiction literary work. Novel is one of imaginative work that discuss about the real life of human life in order the reader can learn. The story lifted from the novel with the title "Hafalan shalat Delisa" by Tere The film itself revolves around Delisa Delisa (Chantiq Schagerl). Hafalan Surat Delisa. likes. menceritakan tentang kejadia tsunami aceh.


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The story lifted from the novel with the title "Hafalan shalat Delisa" by Tere Hafalan surat delias. TERE LIYE Seven year anniversary of the tsunami disaster in Aceh on December 26,a family drama set in the back of one of the greatest tragedies of mankind nature has ever experienced was released in theaters many places in Indonesia.

Titled memorize prayers Delisa, a novel hafalan surat delias the same as the work of Tere Liye. The story of the efforts of a child who survived the tsunami to continue his life, hafalan surat delias prayers Delisa recognized to have some moments that can make the audience were shocked and sympathize with all the trials through which the characters present in the story of this film.

The film itself revolves around Delisa Hafalan surat delias Chantiq Schagerl welcomes today reading tests rote prayer. By his mother, Salamah Nirina ZubirDelisa promised to be given a gold necklace with the initials of his name when he will be able to pass the test of rote prayer read.

hafalan surat delias Obviously Delisa then bending strength to memorize the prayers read all that has been given to him. Mother and daughter were the wife and son of Sociologist Dr Michael J fox.

The earthquake that occurred in Aceh where her Husband doing research. And finally he becomes Muslim.

Full Cast & Crew

Ani She is only a teacher that saved and teaches the entire student who saved from the tsunami. She teach lower and upper hafalan surat delias in one class.

He is very firm and also kind. This scene hafalan surat delias in the film because that scene will spend a lot of time. In the film the character of Ustad Rahman bit strange because in the day when tsunami come to Lhok-nga Ustad Rahman in one place with Delisa and Mrs.

Hafalan Shalat Delisa - Wikipedia

So no change character of Mr. Ubay in the film.

In the film there is limited time so that the director must be chooses which character it is important to put in the film. The character of Mrs. The Hafalan surat delias of Sersan Ahmad was omitted in the film. Because in the novel the role of Sersan Ahmad as leader of the soldier and hafalan surat delias be guided of Prajurit Smyth to become Muslim.

Hafalan shalat Delisa - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb

But no leader appears in the film. So that the character of Sersan Ahmad was omitted. And the examiner is Mrs.


When Delisa have test suddenly in the middle of the test big disaster was coming. The Examiner is Ustad Rahman and Mrs.

Hafalan shalat Delisa - IMDb

Seribu malaikat yang mengungkung bukit melesat ke atas langit…Kembali! Semua urusan sudah usai. Delisa talk about sincerity to Abi, Delisa hafalan surat delias to all of happen in her life after that she was sing a song for her mother.

  • Movie review : HAFALAN SHALAT DELISA

Tim lawan Delisa protes-sama sekali nggak adil; jelas-jelas prajurit Salam lebih besar di bandingkan mereka. Tetapi lima menit kemudian pertandingan tetap dilangsungkan. Dan ramai sekali lapangan kecil tersebut.

In the novel the examiner only Mrs. Nur but in Film the Examiner are Ustad Rahman. Suddenly the tsunami hafalan surat deliasrolled up their small village, rolled up their schools, and Delisa's little body rolled as well as other hundred thousands in various parts of the hafalan surat delias of Aceh, as well as in Southeast Asia.