Latin text. Gaudete in Domino semper, iterum dico, gaudete. English translation. Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, Rejoice. gaudete in domino translation in Latin-English dictionary. Gaudete simply means “rejoice,” and is taken from the first words of the entrance antiphon, “Gaudete in Domino semper” – Rejoice in the Lord.


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Gaudete Sunday - Wikipedia

The crisis the document focuses on is the sacrament of reconciliation. In this document the Holy Father only briefly touches the difficulties.

Instead, he points out the sources of joy in the Christian life gaudete in domino according to gaudete in domino Holy Spirit's indwelling. These natural joys were often used by Christ as a starting point when He proclaimed the kingdom of God.

But the theme of our exhortation is situated on still another level. For the problem seems to be, above all, of the spiritual order.

It is man—in his soul—who finds gaudete in domino without the means to take on himself the sufferings and miseries of our time. These sufferings and miseries crush him all the more to the extent that the meaning of life escapes him, that he is no longer sure of himself or of his transcendent gaudete in domino and destiny.

He has desacralized the universe and now he is desacralizing humanity; he has at times cut the vital link that joined him to God.

Magisterial Documents: Gaudete in Domino : University of Dayton, Ohio

Hope, and the value of individuals, are no longer sufficiently ensured. God seems to him abstract and useless. Without his being able to express it, God's silence weighs heavily on him.

Yes, cold and darkness are first in the heart of the man who knows sadness. One can gaudete in domino here of the sadness of non-believers, when the human spirit, created in the image and likeness of God, and therefore instinctively oriented towards Him as its sole and supreme good, remains without knowing Him clearly, without loving Him, and therefore without experiencing the happiness, even though imperfect, that is brought by the knowledge of God and by the certainty of having a link with Him that even death cannot gaudete in domino.

Who does not recall the words of Saint Augustine: Without doubt "flesh and blood" 11 are incapable of this.

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But Revelation can open up this possibility and grace can bring about this return. Our intention is precisely to invite you to the sources of Christian joy. And how could we do this, without ourselves gaudete in domino attentive to God's plan, listening to the Good News of His love?

Announcement of Christian joy in the Old Testament In essence, Christian joy is the spiritual sharing in the gaudete in domino joy, both divine and human, which is in the heart of Jesus Christ glorified. As soon as God the Father begins to manifest in history the mystery of His will, according to His purpose which He set forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time, 12 this joy is mysteriously announced in the midst of the People of God, before its identity has been unveiled.


Thus Abraham, our father, who was set apart for the future accomplishment of the Promise, and who hoped against all hope, receives when his son Isaac is born the prophetic first fruits gaudete in domino this joy.

Abraham rejoiced at the thought of seeing the Day of Christ, the Day of Salvation: It persists and is unfailingly reborn in the course of tragic trials due to the culpable infidelities of the chosen people and to the external persecutions gaudete in domino try to detach them from their God.

This joy, ever threatened and springing up again, is proper to the people born of Abraham.


It is always a question of an uplifting experience of liberation and restoration at least foretoldhaving its origin in the merciful love of God for His beloved people, on whose behalf He accomplishes, gaudete in domino pure grace and miraculous power, the promises of the Covenant.

Such is the joy of the Mosaic Passover, which happened as the prefiguring of the eschatological liberation which would be wrought by Jesus Christ in the paschal context of gaudete in domino new and eternal Covenant.

Gaudete in domino in English - Latin-English Dictionary

gaudete in domino It is a question also of the real joy repeatedly hymned by the Psalms—the joy of living with God and for God. Gaudete in domino is a question finally and above all of the glorious and supernatural joy, prophesied for the new Jerusalem redeemed from the exile and loved with a mystical love by God Himself.


The ultimate meaning of this unheard-of outpouring of redemptive love will only appear at the time of the new Pasch and new Exodus.