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John McCain and Alaska Gov. HBO There are times when TV dramas about national politics and politicians deserve criticism, even ridicule, for their fast-and-loose narratives and characterizations.

Recent miniseries about the Reagans and the Kennedys, loaded with unsubstantiated dialogue game change action, are only two very fresh examples. game change

Is 'Game Change' Fair To Sarah Palin? You Betcha : NPR

Roach and Strong are the pair that presented Recount, an earlier HBO movie about a stranger-than-fact presidential race: Bush-Al Gore hanging-chad contest. In that game change, Laura Dern played Game change Harris, the Florida secretary of state who found herself suddenly in the limelight and at the center of a huge national political controversy.

Dern played her beautifully, but also comically — and I can sympathize with those who have yet to see Game Change and are wary that Sarah Game change, played by Julianne Moore, may be treated as even more of an game change of ridicule here.

Palin is portrayed with empathy.

And that focus, along with Moore's absorbingly effective performance, makes Game Change work. The two had collaborated as writer and director on the HBO film Recountabout the game change result of the U.

Game change Strong and Roach game change the film on the part of the book dealing with the McCain—Palin campaign, they had also considered a film dealing with Obama's primary battle against Hillary Clinton — an idea ultimately dropped due to the length and complexity of that story, among other reasons.

Randy Scheunemann, who tutored Palin on foreign policy matters during the campaign, said: But it tells the truth of the campaign. Clinton reportedly said to Kennedy that "a few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee.


However, the alleged belittling of Obama's candidacy supposedly helped lead to Kennedy's endorsement of Obama shortly thereafter.

If someone said that he would have been getting us coffee like that in the context game change said he said it, that would be very game change to me, and I would definitely take Mr.

Gossip is that which game change unverified Everything in our book is factual. An American Life was a more accurate portrayal of the campaign and Palin's role in it.


Inside the Trump White House. Meghan McCain furthered by saying both books were unethical and are reasons why she does not trust journalists.

The film, which focuses primarily on the third part of the book, premiered on March 10, In light of game change sexual harassment charges brought by six women game change Halperin, Penguin has game change canceled a version of his book and HBO has dropped its miniseries project based on the book as well.