"If ever a great theological work has been unjustly neglected it has been Francis Turretin’s masterful volumes on the whole of Christian doctrine. "The larger availability in English of Turretin’s complete Institutes is a welcome contribution " Treats theology, Scripture. Institutes of Elenctic Theology by Francis Turretin review by Tony Reinke (4/9/07) We've all seen the creative Apple computer. Some quotes from Turretin at A Puritan's Mind are taken from Institutes of Covenant Concepts in Dr. Francis Turretin's Institutes of Elenctic Theology by C.


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Institutes of Elenctic Theology

That said, in the end, I was francis turretin institutes. I expected so much more. On his return to Geneva, Turretin was appointed successor of his mentor Theodore Tronchin in the chair of theology.

Together with his duties as pastor in the Italian church, he would hold this position until his death in He died at la maison Turrettini on Wednesday, September 28, His last years spent summing up his remarkable career by preparing what he taught and defended for years-Genevan francis turretin institutes.


The Institutio was published seriatim: Discussion of the sacraments includes important issues such as the relationship between the sign of the sacrament and what it signifies, francis turretin institutes, the relationship of baptism to circumcision, and other important topics.

His discussions of eschatology include considerations of the eternity of Hell, the nature of glorified bodies, whether there will be degrees of glory, and other important subjects. Institutes of Elenctic Theology Author: The will of an individual human being is never indifferent in the sense of possessing an equilibrium, either francis turretin institutes or after the fall.

Turretin defines freedom with the notion of rational spontaneity Institutio, It is not Scotus's notion of synchronic contingency but Aristotle's modal logic which is incorporated into Turretin's doctrine of freedom.

Moreover, the Scotistic ideas about necessity francis turretin institutes indifference differ greatly from those of Turretin. Turretin does not explicate the doctrine of predestination when he works through the Covenant of Grace.

Institutes of Elenctic Theology, 3 Volumes

The decrees of God furnish the reader and the student with enough material at that point to make a conscious distinction between how the Covenant of Grace affects francis turretin institutes lives of men, and how the decreed counsel of God is preplanned before the foundation of the francis turretin institutes.

Turretin uses Scriptures such as Luke Only in Christ, in the decreed counsel of God, does election take place. The effect of election cannot be the cause of election, so one cannot rightly say that Christ is the cause of it.


Rather, the work of Christ francis turretin institutes it but it is the decree of God that causes it. Salvation is the ends and Christ is the means to that end.


This, though, is part of the eternal period of the pact in which the Son agrees to francis turretin institutes men, not part of the period that takes place in time. All the gracious aspects of the agreement between the Father and son are executed in time under the guise of the Covenant of Grace through the application of francis turretin institutes Holy Spirit.

If the reader does not grasp the importance of this shift in thought, then the Covenant of Grace will become confusing later on though Turretin attempts to give precise explanations of how that Covenant is divided into various administrations. He is not describing, at this point, the relationship between The Father and Son, which will be a later revision and administration in francis turretin institutes mind.

Institutes of Elenctic Theology (Vol ) by Francis Turretin

The author of this covenant, though it is a pact between two parties, is God. Turretin notes that the Scripture always calls it the covenant of God and never the covenant of man. God could have simply judged man according to the Covenant of Works, but has, in His good pleasure, decided to engage francis turretin institutes in a gracious covenant that saves.

The contracting parties of this gracious covenant are God offended and man offending. Through the Mediator, who is Christ, men are reconciled back francis turretin institutes God.